31 de diciembre de 2012

Bye Bye 2 0 1 2

BYE BYE 2012

When 2012 started too well, but
I expected too much of this year... 
I hadn't good luck all the days...
I have made mistakes... 

Of course goo things happened too :) Good things that I have told you in my blog

Luckily on Dec. 31 all can change. Is like we can push a restart button. 
Sincerely I haven't write a list of resolutions 
but I want some changes during this year.
I don't want it sounds dramatic!
 I am expecting a lot of things of this new year but I hope all will come true 
Although I don't like the number, 
I hope enjoy 2013 

I wish you a brilliant 2013 ! ! !

28 de diciembre de 2012

before Christmas

Few days before Christmas vacation in the hall of the Translation Faculty (where I study) 
there was a Christmas tree. 
It is special! As you can see it is made with books! 
I participated creating the tree too because I donated a book. 
Without people's books the project wasn't possible. 
Do you like it? 

Before Christmas all the restaurants are crowded because company dinner or lunch...
 My Japanese classmates, the teacher and I do it too every year (and at the end of the academic year too)

This year we decided go to San Kil, a Korean restaurant. I have never been there before 
but I recommend it! We ate bibimbap, kimbap, bindaetteok and bulgogi. 
Moreover we also tasted these appetizer for free. 
Kimchi and 4 things more I don't know exactly... 

We spend a nice time together. Maybe it is my last dinner with them because 
I leaved Japanese classes because I am too busy... 

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I took it with my phone  >.< 

26 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas 2012

Some photos I took 24th December night during the dinner at my grandmother's house :)

I wore this outfit. I didn't like at all but it's ok...
My new skirt is from H&M and the hair accessory is new too (from Stradivarius)

Me opening a present. What was the present? A tights ^-^
I had more presents "Santa Claus" left at home.
 Next time I will show you the cute things I received 

And this is the dessert my sister did: raspberry sorbet with Greek yoghurt cream and chocolate. 
The whole family was happy, so the dessert  was a success*-*  

23 de diciembre de 2012


One of my favourite dresses

I bought it in September ^-^ and it was cheap (Bershka use to be cheap).
 It cost less than 20€ if I remember correctly... 
I think the peplum is the detail that makes I love the dress. 
The print too, of course... you know, I like flowers
I don't use to show my back because is one of the parts of my body 
I like less but this photo is nice. 
I wore this outfit one night I had a dinner with my cousins. 

I have a new dress with peplum detail  too. I think I will wear it soon 
to celebrate Christmas :) 

Sure I will show you it too. 

Thank you for visiting my blog!!!

21 de diciembre de 2012


As I told you I went to Barcelona last weekend. 
And I went yesterday too  because my classmates of Japanese,
 the teacher and I had a dinner. Every year we do it and is typical in Christmas people 
go together to have a lunch or dinner before the year ends. 

That day I searched on internet some restaurant where we can eat okonomiyaki
because my sister never tasted it. 

We ate gyoza, yakisoba, okonomiyaki  (of course) and tekka maki. All tasted delicious 
and as I expected my sister likes okonomiyaki ^-^
I recommend Nagomi restaurant. Its isn't cheap as restaurants we use to go
but is perfect for an especial occasion. 

At evening we took some photos in the street. I want show you Barcelona's Christmas lights:

There are more but I was very tired at the end of the day. I hope go again soon and take more photos

16 de diciembre de 2012

Chinese friends

Yesterday I went shopping to Barcelona with my sister because we had to buy a lot of Christmas presents. 

But on of the last times I went was because the birthday of one of the Chinese girls who is studying 
Spanish at university. 
She is from Xi'an and turned 24 :)

from left to right (down): Mila, Mariona and me.
(up): Zoila, Lucy and Victoria

Of course they have Chinese names but we call them by their Spanish names.
 They prefer we do it this way. 
We celebrated the birthday at Korean restaurant ^^ I have been there 3 times more or less but this time I tasted different dishes. 

I didn't told you one night they invite Mariona and I for having a dinner together in her home. 
It was a "huoguo party" (hahaha). That night we ate too much!!! I tough my stomach was going to explode...
then I went to the disco with Lucy. We danced all the night... it was a special night because we were VIP 
in two of the better discotheque in Barcelona, near the beach. It was amazing. Sorry, it is amazing (still, I couldn't believe it)

And this? Well, is a postcard (东巴线明信片) that Mila gave it to me. They is very proud of her city (Lijiang, 丽江 ) in Yunnan province (south China). 

The picture in only style is beautiful! 

(Sorry because before edit the post I wrote bit** instead of beach (o.o)
 maybe it made the blog will have more readers) 

Anyway, thanks to Sarah  because she saw my big mistake and I could modify

Have a nice week :D 

12 de diciembre de 2012

Visiting Andorra

Are you having a nice week??? I'm very busy because university... 

but last week I had a long weekend and my family and I decided go to Andorra
Long time passed since our last visit to this small but interesting country.

I really wanted visit again and finally we did it. 
That day I was very tired because my father woke me  at 6. I slept only for 3 hours... because  
I was dining with my cousins and playing Wii until 3 am... 
From my home since we arrived there (by car, it takes 3 hours more or less) I slept  

My father took me this photo because I liked the lights tree :) 
The Christmas decoration is beautiful in the center of the country (Andorra la Vella)
There are a lot of nice shops and prices are slightly lower, so I bought some things

I thought go on December wasn't a good idea because is near Pyrenees
In fact, it was very cold towards sun shine... 
When we arrived at 9 am the temperature was -3ºC >.<
That's the reason because my biiiiiig scarf and my new warm coat. 
My sister also wear her coat and the wool  cap. We remembered the last time we visited Andorra together. It was few years ago because  my sister won the draw (weekend including hotel + spa) promoted by the shops of our neighbourhood. She had good luck that time! 

This is the first pic we took. Where? In a mirror near the parking (hahaha) 
I edited the photo with this winter effect. Seems it's snowing ^-^
Actually, few days before snowed

And this is another picture with Christmas decorations in the street. 
The white reindeer made with lights are cute *-*

Then, when we were tired and bought too much, decided go to have a lunch. 
We ate in a special restaurant called  La Taverna d'Excalibur. Why? because during the walk we saw
 it and we were impressed because the interior decoration. 
But I have to say that maybe I expected too much quality and I was disappointed with the food. 
Photos looks nice and tasty but some vegetables was cold, short portions... 

I saw a Chinese restaurant... maybe it could be a better option 
Sure next time I won't eat at this restaurant again although the medieval decorate and service is good.

Have you ever visited Andorra? Did you know something about this country before read my post? 
I'm not sure but I think it isn't very popular...

9 de diciembre de 2012

brown like autumn

Long time passed since I uploaded a photo of one of my outfits! 
Often I forget take a photo before go out >.<

That time I wore: 

Cardigan: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Tank top: Stradivarius
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Belt: H&M kids
Tights: Calzedonia
Boots: Zara (NEW!!!)

See the details! 
First time I saw the boots I felt in love... I told my mum and she couldn't believe 
I wanted buy more shoes. 
I am addicted to shoes!  So, finally I couldn't resist... 

Now there are a lot of clothes with sparkling details *-* 



I want talk you about a different theme which is important.

2 months ago (more or less) I collaborated as a model for RamiroE photographer. 
His project is Girlzine. Now he want the third number of this photo book will come true. 
But made this kind of project is difficult if you try to do it by your own. 
So, If you want you can help to realize the book and then my photos 
and the photos of more girls will be published 

^-^ Fashion lovers, we can do it. 

I haven't see my photos yet >.< and I feel anxious for it

Soon I will tell you more about it  :) 

6 de diciembre de 2012

have a break

Today I don't have class 
But I woke up early because I have to read some information for an essay :'(

Yesterday I bought a boots in Zara. I have to take photos about all my new things!!!!

Ok. While I don't have the photos I upload this:

I took it few months ago but I like it :) 
Is not edited. No Photoshop. Nothing! My camera behaved well with me that day (haha)

Recently, on afternoon, my sister and I often go to eat something delicious.
We can talk about many things too while enjoy it.

Muffins are really nice! And that day was the first time I drunk this lemonade.
Definitely, I don't like too much :/  

4 de diciembre de 2012


Recently I use Instagram very often ^-^
I like take picture and edit. 
I like programs to decorate pictures too but my phone doesn't work very well... 
so I can't install it. It makes me feel sad! 

This picture is a little bit old. I took it in September but that day I went 
to Barcelona because "La Mercè" festivity. 
I think that day my make up was pretty nice. 

Seeing now the picture I remember the happy days my 
pink pompom made my phone look cute and kawaii. 
But the ribbon broke and I haven't fixed yet. 

Some pictures is upload to my Instagram account : 

Rainbow! Like the name of my blog (haha :D)

And me again in Barcelona.
This time I was waiting in a shop because my sister was trying some clothes:

Tomorrow begin a long weekend ^-^ 
I have some plans but I have university work too. 

What about you?

2 de diciembre de 2012


More than a month ago, my friends and I celebrated a birthday. 

Now all are tweentys. I'm the oldest of the group...
 so, in Juanuary I will add a 1 behind the number 2

Well, if you count the candle there are 19...  in that restaurant waiter are pretty handsome
but maybe they don't know count  (haha). Ok, it doesn't matter really.

After dinner, in the same restaurant, we had refreshing cocktails. 
I luv cocktails! 

And the best photo of the night ^-^
(Alba on the left side. On the right side, from up to down: me. Sara (who turned 20) and Abrar). 
[Irene was taking the photo] 

Last night we "celebrated" a birthday too, but we planned it fast and it wasn't special.
Moreover I didn't take the camera. 

Anyway... I have too many things to tell you and 
I have enough material to show in my blog and write new interesting entries :D 

I changed the writing style of the blog. I hope you can read without problem. I think is  a cute font *-*

1 de diciembre de 2012

free time

Sometimes when I have free time I like go to Barcelona and spend the day. 
Today the weather is very nice because the sun shine. It makes me forget the cold >.<

Well, today I can't go to Barcelona and enjoy the Christmas 
atmosphere that began last week, but I hope 
could go soon because I really love it 

I took this picture in the train while went to Barcelona. I like my new heart ring from Pull&Bear but my fingers are too thin and the size is a little bit big... :/
 Sometimes is difficult find a perfect ring for me 

That day, later I went with my parents to shopping. 
Having a rest I ate this chocolate waffle.

Soooooo sweeeeeet!!!! 

PD: photos of my Instragram :) 

Have a nice weekend!