29 de abril de 2012


Hi ^^ 
The weekend is ending :( but this weeks is special and I have two days more off

Anyway... Last time I was in Barcelona with my sister we ate in a Japanese restaurant. 
I ate there once with Japanese classmates but I wanted go again to enjoy it better :)

Takoyaki was delicious! This time I tasted unagi (eel) with soy sauce and rice. 

Look tasty, isn't?
I love it too much >.< and I want go to this restaurant again. 

But sure I have to wait long to make my wish will be realized.... the academic year is ending as fast as I imagined :/
and time pass really fast... Tomorrow May will begin! OMG!
So, soon I will take the last exams and the stress will be present during all the days. 

23 de abril de 2012

Cake pop

Cake pops are absolutely cute~~ 
My sister and I did these. Do you like it? I assure you that are delicious ^^ 

We did it the same day I finished my Easter vacation. That day is typical eat a cake called "mona" and chocolate eggs. My godmother, as the tradition says, has to bring me the "mona" cake... but I am old haha and the last years my sister decided do the cake for me. 
Is cool because there are only one like this cake and I can choose what I want  ^

This year we put fondant over the sponge cake covered in chocolate. Ah! with strawberry jam inside too :) 

As we like do these kind of sweets things, the last time we went to Barcelona we bought a pack with accessories to do cake pops and cookies  (n.n). Sure I will upload the new things we cook together for make the boring days more entertaining :D

20 de abril de 2012

from Madrid

When I think in Madrid I think in my friend Laly. 
She is very important for me because we meet on internet and thanks to her I enjoyed a lot of moments... 
She used to come to Barcelona with friends, specially with Cristina. She is a good girl too :D 

Last week I received the gifts she sent to me (and for my sister too). 
This time she gave me Lush to enjoy the bath time and relax.
 I love it!!!!!!!!!! ♥    ♥                 

Sure you know I like nail polish. This pack is from H&M
dark hot red + Beige + PInk me up

and the lipgloss is from H&M too. When I put the lipgloss on my lips... OMG!!! 
I want to eat it. 
It smells very nice and is smooth to the touch, like velvet.

She gave me a cap. but I haven't taken a photo yet >.<

14 de abril de 2012

when I'm bored

Today I spended my time in Barcelona. My sister and I wanted to go on Easter vacation but 
I had a lot of work to do for university so our plan was postponed. 
Even I was busy on vacation I had to go to dinner with family... and then I took some photos of 
the outfit I wore. 

The effect of this photo is made with a Chinese program, like Photoshop. 
I like it very much :D 

My clothes are from Stradivarius and Zara ^^ 

Next time I will show you the presents that my friend from Madrid sent to me *-*

10 de abril de 2012

Black is black

Hi ^^ How have been Easter? 
I had to study :/ so, my vacation wasn't good enough. 
I think the best day was the last because I disconnected 100% taking a break, spending my time in Barcelona with good company :)

Anyway, time ago I bought some new things ^^ 
I'm going to show you the product I use now to make up my eye. It makes an intense look. 
I didn't know if buy it was a good idea because I was afraid about the mode of application, but now I'm very happy with the result. 

Make up Forever: Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow
I bought all in Sephora

The same day I bought this nail polish. Years ago I used to paint my nails black. Then I detested because I used too much... but when I saw this colour I saw something different. Is black, but with a pearl touch which make the colour look more elegant. 

4 de abril de 2012


I like the gifts in magazines ^^ 
This month I bought Glamour magazine and I could try the Bulgari perfume and some cream. 
Moreover with the Glamour shopping card I can get some discounts in few shops :) for example in Accessorize

I have read all and now I'm waiting for the next month issue... the gift will be good too!