25 de febrero de 2011

Los almendros ya han florecido!

On Saturday, as I tell you, I was in Centelles (Girona) in a traditional festival. Early in the morning the activies didn't start yet. I found a cat and I decided took a photos. The owner found it (because it run away from the house) and she ask me to send the photos by mail ^^


Isn't it cute??? I like cats but my father don't let me to have one ;O; He don't like cats.

The weather get worse and the village looks a little bit gloomy...

The street market was good. There was a lot of different thing: dolls, mystic things, typical food... and something things was strange... All the village was decorated like a witche's small town. 
Similar to Halloween.

Medicinal herbal for bronchitis

I bought one doll for me: a pink fairy

My sisters bought this one
Only 10 € each one. So cheap! And hand made :)


Yesterday at morning I went to the university and I have take these two photos. 
The almond tree blossom. I love it :D 


18 de febrero de 2011


Hello! The vacation have finished u.u I'm sad... Because I have 3 weeks to rest I feel tired all this week and the classes made me eternal :S I have a  lot of work to do... 

Well, this is the outfit of last Friday to go out wit my friends :)

Cardigan // カーディガン: Bershka
Skirt // スカート: Blanco
Tights // タイツ: Zara
Shoes // 靴: ¿?


I didn't have a gift to Valentine's Day, but Mariona five my my birthday present ^^ There are a lot! When I opened the box I was surpised!!! She know that I love Kit Kat and gave a pack to me. Hair accesories and Hello Kitty never fail ^^ The Korean coin purse with the rabbit is adorable ♥ Thank you *O*
私はバレンタインの日のプレゼントがありませんでしたがマリオーナさんはお誕生日のプレセントを贈ってくれました。函を開ける時私はきょうてんいまし。一宇が大好きですね~。キットカットはおいしかった!ヘアアクセさりーとハロウキッティはすてきと思います。韓国のさいふは愛らしいです ♥ ありがとうございます *O*

This afternoon I will go to Barcelona with a friend ^^ I wanna take a lot of photos but I think that the weather will worsen.
And tomorrow I will go to Centelles (near Vic, Girona) because my sister should do an easey
of the traditional festival. Maybe I will upload photos :)

Sorry, my japanese isn't perfect to explain or express the same things that I can say in Spanish or English.

10 de febrero de 2011


I'm still receiving gifts of my birthday :) It's not a problem, I'm available 365 days a year to receive 

This Martina Klein bag. I like the key detail ^^ 

With the money that I received I bought these shoes which are very warm!!!


An anonimous comment asked me for the japanese shop of the last post. This shop is called Nunoya (clic here to visit the website). Is a fantastic shop ^^ where you could find a lot of japanese items like kimono, bags, books, dolls... In the website you could see all the information and a map to arrive (It's no so far from Rambla but is a small and hidden street)
Enjoy it!!! :D

Feel free to ask me more things if do you want.

7 de febrero de 2011

Chinese New Year

This weekend I was in Barcelona with my sister :) I love go through Barcelona's old quarter because I get lost  in strange streets where I find shops rare than others, antique, artistic, and even with a touch of magic. 
This time I found a store with a lot of wonderful items. But I was surprised to see at the showcase some Japanese dolls. I took this photo (Sorry for the quality but the glass was very clean XD). I continued walking but I came back to the shop to ask for it. 
The shop assistant told me that the dolls were the eighteenth century and costs 2500 euros
I was so excited to see it because it makes me remember the Hina matsuri festival ^^ 

I think this two dolls are the Empress and the Emperor
Then we went to Japanese shop to buy some accessories. (Sorry for the bad quality but my camera automatically put this effect ._.' I need learn more how to use it)

We went to Maremagnum but first we visited we went to the Chinese New Year celebration.

The new year 2011, the year of the rabbit.
There were a lot of stands showing Chinese art, food and more stuff....

The pig-shaped cupcakes are adorable!

The weather was perfect!!!

The things which I bought: 

Cardigan: Bershka (it's a little bit different than others but  it suits really good)

Gold eyeshadow: Kiko

Gold band: H&M

Nail polish: Kiko

Skirt: Blanco

Hello Kitty pajama: Oysho

4 de febrero de 2011

Boring days~~

As you know I'm on vacation~~ These days are a bit boring u.u because I have some homework to do but I don't feel like doing anything. Last night (so the photos that I took are such poor quality, sorry!) I was bored and was looking my magazines. I had not realized I had so many! 

 Fool's Mate, G&L Bible, Uruha special, Kera Maniax, Egg and Ranzuki.Missing 2 magazines...  
There are a lot of variety. Now I don't buy G&L Bible, is the most expensive. 
Music magazines aren't my favourite type. 

 All my Kera's magazine.

And these are the 3 new ones (Dec.2010, Jan. 2011 and Feb. 2011) I would like read them but I can read only few hings T.T
My favourite is February ^^ Takeru appears in the cover and the neon colors are great :D


Maybe tomorrow go with my sister to spend the day in Barcelona.Go shopping, enjoy an urban environment and look where is the place of the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Last Saturday I was in Barcelona too, celebrating Sarah's birthday. It was very good and we took some purikura *O* 

This is my favourite: 

Imitating Ida's style ! 
(Ida and Mariona (-->up)// Me and Sarah (-->down)