29 de enero de 2013


Some photos I took the last night of the year

Champagne and sweets (my 12 grapes for having good luck during the year)

and my nails that night. 

Almost one month passed... 
and tomorrow (well, here only 45 left for be on 30th of January) 
is my birthday :) 

I will upload photos of the presents I will receive! 

Last weekend I received some gifts because I celebrated with 3 friends
 going out for a dinner and later we went to the disco ^^ 

24 de enero de 2013

24th January

how are you???
OMG... I abandoned my blog... 
This month I have exams but I didn't forgot my blog, the place where I can show you my daily life 

I want upload some New Year's Eve photos but I am waiting for having all the photos and edit 

I don't have nothing interesting to tell us... 
Well, I have a really nice new but I don't want publish it yet!!! 

I don't have more time today to write a better entry, but please forget me! hahaha

And I add a photo, because an entry without photo isn't good enough :) 

That day I was very proud with the  make up result ^^ Like a professional 

2 days ago I died my hair again. The result was really nice!!! The colour I chose is similar to this photo 

12 de enero de 2013


I want go shopping! I haven't bought on sales this year yet... T.T

But one month ago, more or less, I bought some things: 

From Pull&Bear. The pack include the 3 ^^

I bought it in H&M. People says I look like a princess using this tiara. 

Me and Roy
The dog of a friend :) 

In this photo I am using a gold tiara (one of the first photo). 

I hope soon can go shopping, but I am not sure when I could enjoy sales... 
Now I am  on exam period. 
This week I took 2 exams. I am not happy at all.
 Chinese exam wasn't difficult but the text we had to read was horrible. 
We can't read all! Because we haven't learned the vocabulary of the text... 
Well, on Monday I will know the result :S 
This week I have  2 exams more >.< I will do my best! 
So, now I am going to continue studying and reading. Read... what?
For Japanese literature I had to chose one book to make the exam. I chose
眠れる美女 (Nemureru Bijo) "The House of Sleeping Beauty" writed by Yasunari Kawabata. 

Happy weekend! And good luck for exams!

3 de enero de 2013

More about Christmas

Hello again ^-^ This is the first post of the year!

I continue telling your things about Christmas days. 
This year I am living a different Christmas... I don't know exactly how explain it 
but my feelings aren't the same as other years. 

My sister did this cookie-postcard to wish "Merry Christmas" to her friends. 
But she made one for me too :) 

One of her friends said this is the most original Christmas card she ever received :) 

Few post ago I said I would show you more pictures of Barcelona with Christmas 
lights decorations but I haven't the chance to take the pictures.. 
I hope I can do it before vacation ends... 
At least I have this photo I took of one of the most famous showcases of my city.
 Every year this shop's showcase is crowded by people like see it. Is really beautiful!

if you want to see it clear, remember you can click the photo ;) 

More news!!! 
Santa Claus presents ^-^

* YSL Manifesto perfume
* Japanese motive cup 
* Yves Rocher rose bodylotion, sparkling shower gel and hand cream 
*Red underwear for ending the year with good luck
*Peach tea and cute strainer tea 
I received money too, as always. 

Now I have to wait until 6th January to get more gifts 
3 days left ^-^