23 de septiembre de 2011



Oh! Finally Autumn arrived :) So... I have bought this boots to cooler weather. 
Are similar than the boots I had last year. But during my trip in Paris these were broken... 
Looking for similar ones I found these: 

 The brand isn't famous but I hope these boots has good quality because aren't cheap u.u'

The same day I bought the boots I found these sandals too... Summer ended (haha) but the low price and the style (like the sandals I have) didn't allow me leave these at shop! 
Are very comfortable and didn't hurt my feet as other summer shoes...

To wear shoes feet have to be health and I like take care of my feet. So, I did ictiotherapy ^^ These fish eat "dead skin" :) I recomend it. Then I enjoyed reflexology. I love it!!!!!!!!! 

Today I have no disire to write :/ Nothing interesting happens T.T

17 de septiembre de 2011


My lenses arrived to my home!!!! 

I was amazed when the postman gave it to me because I ordered the lenses 4 days before... haha
Really fast!!!!!!!!!!!
The model I chose is Geo Angel brown. 
They gave me this cute elephant case ^^ and a japanese product like velcro to putthe fringe backward while you are cleaning your face or you are putting the lenses.

My eye colors aren't good enough to put color lenses because are very dark. But my eye look different even it :)
Big and bright effect ^^ 

I'm happy :D  haha Moreover these lenses aren't expensive (only 20 USD) and I could choose the power right and left. Is good for me because I need different powers in each eye and before I thought I couldn't choose this option.


Well, today I wanna show you my new bracelet. 
My uncle bought it in Mallorca for me :) I love it! The colors are perfect :P

OMG I think the quality of this photos is horrible T.T sorry >.< 

12 de septiembre de 2011

Fleurs à Paris

I took the next photos in Paris:

Champs Élysées
Jardin des Tulleries
Hotel les Jardins du Luxemburg
Jardin des Plantes
Champs de Mars

As you know I was amazed with this great landscape and I love take photos to flowers. 
Since few days ago I don't take photos and I really want take pictures 

This entry is made to increase positivism ^^ that is very important in life to be happier day after day

9 de septiembre de 2011

Good Day ^^

Last Saturday I was in Barcelona spending a good time with friends.
My sister combed me and made me this  braid ^^
(I think it doesn’t appear very good…) Moreover I tried a new way to make up my eyes haha (trying smoky style…)
In short… my look was different that day but I was self-confident despite it
At this photo I’m with Ida and Sarah. Luckly the day was sunny, but we listened at news a totally different prediction :S
c3 You can see I have a Hello Kitty bag ^^
While I was waiting with Mariona, we decided to go to Hello Kitty shop
and we find two super cute dairy (12,95€) :)
You can see it here:

I bought in Sephora a glitter eye liner of Too Faced brand (Starry Eyed, Ooh & Aah // 18€ approx.)

This entry is made with a programm of my new computer, so I don't know how it will appear on blogger... :S I hope to get a good result...

4 de septiembre de 2011

Autumn is here?

Although isn't autumn yet, gradually we can find more warm clothes. 

The clothing's colours are different and make the shop take a different atmosphere

Boots: Stradivarius (60€)
Neckchief: Stradivarius (13€)

But not all the new collections of shops consist in warm clothes...
Two of the new thing I bought before go to Madrid ^^

T-Shirt: Zara (20€)

And this dress ^^ to look like indian haha
Stradivarius (30€)

I'm sad and happy at the same time... is it strange??? 

But tomorrow I will go party all the night with a friend, to have a good time!!!
I need it >.<