26 de marzo de 2013


I am participating in this giveaway ^^ ( http://www.sashimidolly.com/ )
Recently I am thinking about use false eyelashes :3 I don't know how I will look 
but I want try it. Moreover I like Etude House too :) 

I have never won a giveaway. I hope have good luck this time!

Photo by Sashimi Dolly

23 de marzo de 2013

to myself

I am thinking. 
I am thinking all the day and my brain can't relax. 
I am stressed. 
Moreover I don't have strength enough to make what I have to do.
Not only homework, but also be happy in a party or go out without worry... 
Enjoy life, that is what I should learn. I envy people who can value the daily small details. 
I have to change my thinking. 
I need be more self-confidence to do it.  
If I couldn't achieve this target, one of my dreams wouldn't realise (maybe the most important goal). 
I have the opportunity but I feel it wouldn't come true... the future is uncertain.

I want stability in my life...
without fear...

17 de marzo de 2013

Make up

How are you? 

Today I want to show you my new make up 
On January I received this small pack by Sephora as a birthday gift. 
Small but useful. Moreover it includes black! 

Up to down and left to right:

1- Catherine NO3 eyeshadow
2-Must Have MO4 eyeshadow
3-Creme Caramel MO8 eyeshadow
4-Coffe Brown NO8 eyeshadow
5-Rouge Shine 30 lip gloss
6-Rouge Shine 05 lip gloss
7-Exclusive fard à joues blush

My friends bought theis anti-stress facil mask with cucumber and vitamine E 
:) brand: Tokalon. The same brand for the blush. 
And I felt in love with the Chanel lip gloss 166 Amour 

The Chinese girls who stay at university this years as exchange students bought this AMAZING make up box. I couldn't believe they gave it to me... I don't deserve it T.T 
I have to admit I began to use it and the quality is very nice! 
Now I have all the colours!!! Sure my eyed will look prettier *-*
and my lips too :3

9 de marzo de 2013

Presents 2

...and more gifts ^^ 

It is type of notebook handmade by my sister. I am the girl of the cover
She did it to wish my good thing and  her friends (also my friends) wrote too.

Sometimes, when I need motivation I read it and I feel better :)

They bought these hair accessories for me too. 
From Stradivarius.


This week I have Chinese exam. I am not nervous (I will be, for sure)
So, tomorrow I have to study hard. 

Now I am doing an essay about the dialect of Shanghai. 
And tonight I will go out with my sister and the girls group! 
We will have a dinner and later maybe we go to drink cocktail. 

Yesterday night I go out too with my friends ^^ We had a really good time together. 
Long time passed since we didn't it.

Now I feel happy :)

6 de marzo de 2013


OMG I am too busy  these days... because I am preparing something important. 
But still I don't want tell it in my blog... Sorry, you have to wait :P

But you don't need to wait more for seeing the presents I received! Yes,  as I promised 
long time ago... 

Well, a friend gave this purse. It is made with kimono fabric! Cute and unique :)
She bought it in Barcelona with my sister in a shop called Nunoya ^^

My sister made this bracelet and my mum bought Coco Chanel perfume. 
Thanks mum, I love it! ♥

Another friends gave me this bag. I like it but I need a band because I thin is better 
as a shoulder bag. Sure I will use it more if I can change this detail >.<
It is from Stradivarius

I have more presents ^-^ but I don't want upload all in one entry.   
So, next time!

Bye Bye~~~

3 de marzo de 2013

Akashi Gallery

Hello March! This is the first post of the month.

Well, today I want to show you some pics we took (thanks to Sarah, because she always 
took the photos with her camera ;) ) the day we celebrated our B-Day ^^ 

After lunch we went to Akashi Gallery to eat the dessert. This is the second time I choose taiyaki 
and this time I tasted a tea called Royal Fruit. It is really nice. 

Me, Sarah and Claudia. 
That day the wind was very strong so, sorry for my windy-hairstyle
I don't like windy days >.< because later  I use to have headache

Finally I show you the sushi I ate that day. 

I know I have to upload the photos about the presents I received!!!