30 de octubre de 2011


I was thinking what to tell you in this entry. Really my life is monotony... I don't like it :/
Now I'm inside my bed writing haha so lazy... but now I'm making the most of my "free" time. 
Last week  my friends and I celebrated a birthday ^^ We went to dinner to a new restaurant. It was more expensive that we thought so later our plans closet down -.- 
Well, that day I went to hairdresser and this is the result (I don't have better photos :S):

 Dinner ^^ 

One of the reasons I don't have nothing special to tell in my blogg is because we didn't meet since that day because we are all busy >.<  

But since last  few days I use more Twitter ^^ because I can access from my mobile phone using wi-fi 

I only say silly things haha~~ 


Here two things I bought 2 weeks ago ^^
Bag from Bershka: 19.90€ 

Dress from Pull & Bear: 29.95€ 


The last thing. I'm really love this song... I don't know Korean but I feel something when I heard it first time. I don't like slow music but then I looked up the lyrics of the song and I was surprised because the message... 
I put here the translated lyrics in Spanish but you can find English subs.


On Wednesday I will update the photos of the things I have bought in Salon del Manga this weekend ^^ 

6 de octubre de 2011

Hi! Wow, since I am at university, time past very fast! o.o I'm amazed haha
Well, my friend Mariona went to New York and she asked to my what she could give to me from the big city. I don't like nothing special from New York because I don't know a lot of it. 
The only think I know is that there she could find a lot of cute things (thing from Japan, Korea...)
So, finally she gave me these cute Koala cookies haha :) Very tasty~~~ I want more haha but is imposible buy it here, because I can't find in any shop... 

Moreover, last week I bought these two nail polish in H&M. The "brown-grey" is called Taupe and the "brown-orange" is called Rust. Are perfect to put together :) 
In H&M I bought these wet wipes too. Is the third time I buy the watermelon and banana wipes! 
Each nail polish costs 0'95€! and the wipes too !!!!

Hello Kitty!!!!! To change my old cushion. Cheap (10€ approx.) and big!

I promised I will show you the things I bought in Paris (3 months ago... OMG! XD)
As you know I was in Baby, the stars shine bright shop. There I bought Misako Aoki's book. 
I appear inside in the photos she took during her visit in Barcelona!

And I was in Angelic Pretty shop too. I bought this kawaii marine style bracelet.
This is the members card. But I think it will be expire with no more points

That's all today :) Thank you for your visits!!!

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I didn't use to tweet but now I sign in more often :)