28 de diciembre de 2012

before Christmas

Few days before Christmas vacation in the hall of the Translation Faculty (where I study) 
there was a Christmas tree. 
It is special! As you can see it is made with books! 
I participated creating the tree too because I donated a book. 
Without people's books the project wasn't possible. 
Do you like it? 

Before Christmas all the restaurants are crowded because company dinner or lunch...
 My Japanese classmates, the teacher and I do it too every year (and at the end of the academic year too)

This year we decided go to San Kil, a Korean restaurant. I have never been there before 
but I recommend it! We ate bibimbap, kimbap, bindaetteok and bulgogi. 
Moreover we also tasted these appetizer for free. 
Kimchi and 4 things more I don't know exactly... 

We spend a nice time together. Maybe it is my last dinner with them because 
I leaved Japanese classes because I am too busy... 

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I took it with my phone  >.< 

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  1. Whoa, mai he anat al San Kil, està bo? ^_^ I siiii, jo també volia fer una foto a l'arbre de Nadal, es veia super maco! :D