2 de diciembre de 2012


More than a month ago, my friends and I celebrated a birthday. 

Now all are tweentys. I'm the oldest of the group...
 so, in Juanuary I will add a 1 behind the number 2

Well, if you count the candle there are 19...  in that restaurant waiter are pretty handsome
but maybe they don't know count  (haha). Ok, it doesn't matter really.

After dinner, in the same restaurant, we had refreshing cocktails. 
I luv cocktails! 

And the best photo of the night ^-^
(Alba on the left side. On the right side, from up to down: me. Sara (who turned 20) and Abrar). 
[Irene was taking the photo] 

Last night we "celebrated" a birthday too, but we planned it fast and it wasn't special.
Moreover I didn't take the camera. 

Anyway... I have too many things to tell you and 
I have enough material to show in my blog and write new interesting entries :D 

I changed the writing style of the blog. I hope you can read without problem. I think is  a cute font *-*

4 comentarios:

  1. Que guay el cumple!!☆
    Encara que només hi hagués 19 espelmes, no passa res! haha (^^)

  2. Birthdays are so much fun! Being 21 is a lot of fun, too.

    <3 Melissa