21 de diciembre de 2012


As I told you I went to Barcelona last weekend. 
And I went yesterday too  because my classmates of Japanese,
 the teacher and I had a dinner. Every year we do it and is typical in Christmas people 
go together to have a lunch or dinner before the year ends. 

That day I searched on internet some restaurant where we can eat okonomiyaki
because my sister never tasted it. 

We ate gyoza, yakisoba, okonomiyaki  (of course) and tekka maki. All tasted delicious 
and as I expected my sister likes okonomiyaki ^-^
I recommend Nagomi restaurant. Its isn't cheap as restaurants we use to go
but is perfect for an especial occasion. 

At evening we took some photos in the street. I want show you Barcelona's Christmas lights:

There are more but I was very tired at the end of the day. I hope go again soon and take more photos

2 comentarios:

  1. Quina gana!! haha
    Que bé que a la teva germana li agradés l'okonomiyaki al final (^^)

  2. The food looks so delicous makes me feel very hungry!

    The lights are very nice!

    Are you excited for Christmas?