27 de febrero de 2013

Chai Latte

Today I am happy because my day was 
really nice :)  I feel good~~ 

Do you like Chai Latte??? I tasted it and now is one of the drinks that I like :D
I never though cinnamon could be a flavour which is pleasing to my palate. 

Well, I am editing the photos of the presents that I received for my birthday. 
When I revised the photos I saw I didn't upload this photo

Is a mirror! Sarah gave it to me when she came back from Japan last summer. 

♥ I like Mickey Mouse sweet motives  

Tomorrow I don't have class, but I have to do an essay about China history and 
some homework for next week >.< 

Weekend begins!

24 de febrero de 2013

Carnival Night

Hello! Is very late (almost midnight) but I don't want go to sleep. 
It is Saturday night but my plans changed due the snow (well, the snow has melted), 
but I prefer postpone my plans. 

2 weekends ago I met with a friend. 
(yes, we are making selca stupid faces -hahaha-)

That day I got annoyed because hairdresser result. 
I don't like when my fringe is too short and people can see my eyebrows. 
Recently I though about change my hair look but I am not sure >.< 
I changed the colour. Now my mum and I have the same dyed hair colour -> Aubergine color
I love it!

We dinner together like a couple in Heart Burger. 
We  tasted the Oriental one and then we shared the dessert: 
coulant and strawberry ice cream. Yummy~~~

Later, we went to the disco with two friends. 

The next night I also hang out with friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. 
We had a dinner and then we celebrated Carnival at disco. I chose this outfit (H&M dress)
because animal print is good to improvise a costume Don't you think so?
I only needed the hair accessory I made 2 years ago. Yes! This ears are hand made by me :)

(Sorry >.< the photo is not edited!)

Have a nice Sunday ^-^

16 de febrero de 2013

My birthday (21 years)

Long time passed since my last upload. 
I was busy >.< Sorry
I had one week of vacations before start the university again but I had tmany things to do

You know, I told you 30th Jnauary was my birthday. 
I celebrated it before (26th), the 30th and later (1st February and 2nd). 
I had 4 cakes (with  chinese exchange friends at university and Mariona too) hahahaha
 The first was this one:

Chinese friends and I had a dinner together in Balthazar restaurant 
in Barcelona and then we went to the disco. 
The cake and the presents were a surprise! I was amazed <3 font="">

The 30th my sister did this special cake. Chocolate roses!!!! and leopard print inside. 
It was the first time she tried the effect and I think is really nice. 

Long candles (I love the result) and butterflies 

On Friday we went with friends to a small restaurant in our city.
Slow food and warm place. I didn't know we were going to celerate my birthday >.<

This cakes is  is the fourth I received. Is 3 chocolate flavour, but sugar free :) 

Moreover on Saturday Sarah and I celebrated our birthday togethe
r because she turned 21 three days before I (27th January). 
We spend the day in Barcelona ^-^

(Trying Meitu to edit the photos! 
Walking in Barcelona before go to Japanese restaurant with a classmate, Claudia)

Opening the presents in Akashi Gallery *-* 
I will update photos of all the presents the next time