17 de enero de 2012



Recently, Tuesday is an important day for me, but today, even is Tuesday I feel so so. 
At morning, chinese exam... difficult than expected and I feel i couldn't show all I know 
Tomorrow I will know the result :/ 
最近星期二是一个非常重要的日可是今天我马马虎虎. 上午中文考试得难一点儿. 我学习可是我没觉得考试什么难...

At first I thought today I would go to Barcelona, but the plan collapsed (?) ._. I don't like it... 
今天我想去巴塞罗那. 因为我的朋友没打电话所以我没去了

Well, I went to Barcelona with my sister for shopping at sales. I bought 4 things ^^ but 2 had reduced price and 2 are clothes from new collection haha I always buy new collection things although discounts in other clothes. But I think sometimes (often) no worth buy ugly things in sales hahaha is not necessary... 

This T-shirt is from H&M and i costed only less than 10 euros ^^ is not sales prices because this T-shirt is part of next summer collection. You can't see it clear but has small holes and one safety pin.
I bought a skinny jeans to put it together :) is a great combination!!!

Moreover I bought this T-shirt :) When I was trying it I remembered the time I tried it before haha 
but now I know how to combine with a skirt and make a outfit full of powder :P 
The transparency of the fabric make it cool!!! 
When I arrived at home I saw my neckerchief and... OMG is the same collection pattern (see it here
Definitely, my clothes taste is well-defined :D 

8 de enero de 2012

CHristmas presents :)

Tomorrow I will start again the routine: go to the university 5 days per week, wake up early, study hard for final exams, go to sleep late because essays... 

Maybe you know in Spain Santa Claus give presents to us, but The Three Kings too. 
So, I received more presents 6th January at morning. This year under the Christmas tree I found  many presents ^^ 

My mum gave me Coco Chanel perfume, but my present for her was the same!!! haha
That's because both like this perfume :) Moreover she gave me Carolina Herrera perfume with shower gel. It smell very nice and the two things were inside a cute round box. See all in the photo:

One month ago I did a present list where I write down some of the things I want. 
As I read the first and the second part of 1Q84 book I asked for the third ^^ 
I hope I can read it soon :) 

Two weeks ago my friends and I, as every year, met to celebrate Secret Santa. I'm not sure if Secret Santa describes exactly what we do, because in Spain it receive a different name. 
So, my friend gave to me these bracelets ^^ The fabric you can see behind the bracelets is the neckerchief she gave to me too. I like it very much. 

I think although I have exams I will write as I do always ^^ I suppose next time I will show you some things I bought yesterday on winter sales. 

1 de enero de 2012

1st in 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first post of 2012 :) 

I haven't specific New Year's resolution. I think maybe is better think about it every day and do all as better as possible, not only few things... 

Well, yesterday I dinner with family before say goodbye to 2011 ^^ 
As Spanish tradition, we eat the 12 grapes during the countdown. 
I always feel nervous in that moment :S 

The last night of 2011 I wore this red dress :) 

And the hairstyle was very simple ^^ To decorate I put 2 metallic flowers and one black butterfly between. Maybe here you can't appreaciate well :S Sorry >.< 

Later I went with friends to the disco :) We had a good time together! I hope we can repeat next year.