16 de diciembre de 2012

Chinese friends

Yesterday I went shopping to Barcelona with my sister because we had to buy a lot of Christmas presents. 

But on of the last times I went was because the birthday of one of the Chinese girls who is studying 
Spanish at university. 
She is from Xi'an and turned 24 :)

from left to right (down): Mila, Mariona and me.
(up): Zoila, Lucy and Victoria

Of course they have Chinese names but we call them by their Spanish names.
 They prefer we do it this way. 
We celebrated the birthday at Korean restaurant ^^ I have been there 3 times more or less but this time I tasted different dishes. 

I didn't told you one night they invite Mariona and I for having a dinner together in her home. 
It was a "huoguo party" (hahaha). That night we ate too much!!! I tough my stomach was going to explode...
then I went to the disco with Lucy. We danced all the night... it was a special night because we were VIP 
in two of the better discotheque in Barcelona, near the beach. It was amazing. Sorry, it is amazing (still, I couldn't believe it)

And this? Well, is a postcard (东巴线明信片) that Mila gave it to me. They is very proud of her city (Lijiang, 丽江 ) in Yunnan province (south China). 

The picture in only style is beautiful! 

(Sorry because before edit the post I wrote bit** instead of beach (o.o)
 maybe it made the blog will have more readers) 

Anyway, thanks to Sarah  because she saw my big mistake and I could modify

Have a nice week :D 

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  1. Woo, quina bona pinta el menjar!
    Quedeu totes molt bé a la foto (^O^)