24 de junio de 2012

In the summer

Are you having a nice weekend?

I'm a little busy because too much things to do. But not boring things ^-^: tidy up my room, go out with friends, go to the hairdresser... like this kind of woman who only have to think in social relationships and herself. But it isn't a problem. Now I have free time. 

Well, one of the lasts time I was in Barcelona (recently I go often) I bought it:

H&M nail polish: 
Blue--> nail him 
Gold--> sunset gold
Pink Glitter (?)--> zoo

I can resist to buy cute stationery and stuff... I fall in love with all  just in 1 second. 
Bear nail clipper, kawaii tape, panda comb and cat diary. 

All is cheap *O* and the diary is useful because I can organize my days during the summer. I want write down interesting things and fill in all the tables and charts. It would mean my summer vacation is good and enjoyable :)

See my nails! I put some fruits and painted each nail with a different colour. 
To get a better effect I added glitter nail polish and the result convinced me more. 
Are cool for summer, isn't? 
The summer began this week. What do you plan to do? 

17 de junio de 2012

Summer begins!

Yesterday my friends and I spend the day in Barcelona ^.^
 We took the last exam on Wednesday and now the summer vacation starts for us :D 
We are very happy~~  

We can't believe it yet.. Seems unreal! 

Look! I wore a new dress. I think I haven't upload any photo when I bought it >.< 

The weather was really nice, exactly as I like! It makes me feel good. 

We ate at Japanese restaurant. We always go to the same restaurant >.< but we really like it... even so, we decided the next time we have to change and go different one
because there are more good restaurants. 

Mariona take us this photo. Sarah and me waiting to start eating our sashimi and sushi
We ate takoyaki too:

We use to lunch early and then, when we finish, some shops are closed... 
While, we wait at Yumcha. I ate this waffle, typical from Hong Kong. You can see the style is different. 
It is called "grid cake" or "grid biscuit" and the form is round instead of square. 
With nutella was tasty! 
My friends drink a bubble tea. 
I like little by little we can enjoy a little bit of Asia in Barcelona.  

Then we go shopping again. I bought many things! Maybe next time I will show you all. 
This morning I took the photos and I hope upload it soon o(n.n)o

6 de junio de 2012

Dinner with family

Last Saturday I went to a different city for have a dinner with my parents and my sister. 
My uncle invited us to enjoy that dinner in a special restaurant ^^ 
That sounds good, isn't? haha 

My outfit that night: 
Blouse: Baby&Baby
Cardigan: Bershka
Skirt: Zara
Belt and accessories: Stradivarius

The dessert was delicious: coulant with vanilla ice cream 

Moreover... You can see I have changed the design of the blog ^-^ 
I hope you like it! 

Thaks for the comments and remember: feel free for  leaving a comment 

3 de junio de 2012

heart ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Hello! How are you???
I'm fine :) Why?
I'm to happy with the results of my photos haha 
that's the reason ^^ 
Moreover, the vacation will start soon! OMG I need a rest but I have some plans too 

Well, today I'm going to show you some pics of one of my last outfit. 

The theme is: heart  ♡        

The top of the dress with black hearts print is... pretty, what do you think? I like the belt detail too. 
And the pink colour of the belt is the same shade pink of my bag ^^ the material is similar too

For complete the outfit I bought the tights at Yesstyle. The tights with heart print too, of course. 
See the detail! My flat shoes. Normally I don't use to wear flat shoes but I like these pair. 
That day, when I arrived to Barcelona I went to Sephora because my boyfriend was late (as always... haha) and I could try a new lipstick of Yves Saint Laurent.. The make up artist was very kind and we chose the perfect shade of pink for my lips. Exactly the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres (Encré rosé) with vinyl effect. 
Maybe soon I will buy some make up of this brand ^^ 

Dress: MANGO
Bag: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Tights: Blossom Gal
Shoes: ZARA

As always, I upload something more (I don't know why but always I have food photos to show you n.n;;; -> sorry if you get bored reading my blog

My sister attended a course to learn how to decorate cakes and made this design for my 
:D the theme is: sakura three (the spring inspiration)

It makes me remember the american style cakes because it was too big!!! Delicious ^^ 
My sister is an artist