24 de marzo de 2011

New arrivals!

Todays is Thursday :D 

A good day for my because is the last day of the week that I have class. 
I feel this week passed fast... 

Well, I have some new things! 

These two magazines: 

Kera of March and Poopteen of March too, but... when I bought it I ignored it is Hong Kong edition...
It doesn't matter! I enyojed see this too and I practiced a little bit of Chinese (hahaha)
It isn't all I ordered but Kera of April didn't available at the same time that these was sent. I'm still waiting for it...

Next day I received my Holga camera. Strange camera for you??? This camera was created in Hong Kong on 1982 (more info here). I love the effects thought I haven't try it yet. I will show you the photos I will take with this camera but I don't know when. 

And the perfume... Is the present that my friends give to me on my birthday but until last weekend I didn't have it for some little problems XD As I say "I'm always available to receive gifts, not only on birthday date" :)

Oh... I have no idea what  I could tell you... Maybe the next time I'm more inspirated. Sorry!

18 de marzo de 2011


Good morning!!! 

Despite the disaster in Japan we must be positive :) *
Miyavi made  this effort and decided do the Europe tour. The concert was very emotive and he demostrate one more time his talent.
I was happy because 2 friends of Madrid come to the concert ^^ 

Before go to the concert we visited some shops (like a touristic tour haha) and I bougt some things: 

1- Cute Little Red Riding Hood notebook
2- Leopard ribbon bracelent
3- A gift that my friend Laly give to me :D Thanks! You know I wanted it since long time ago
4- A kawaii cap to my Pullip


Awwww!!! I forgot upload the purikura that one month ago (...) I made with a friend
I have tried to scan the photos directly from the album and the result is it:

... the quality is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But my scanner isn't the guilty at all... the day we made the purikura the printing machine was not working properly and te photos aren't perfect.


 * How to help Japan:

Red Cross Japan (spanish)
Red Cross Japan (english)
(Cruz Roja España ofrece una buena forma de ayudar es enviando un sms con la palabra JAPON al 28077 -coste 1,2€- ) 

Maybe there are more sites to help but
WARNING with fraudulent ways to help Japan or other countries!

11 de marzo de 2011

How are you??? 

Last week I went to one japanese friend's house to learn the way to put on the yukata. She taught me.
To be grateful for her kidness I gave this cakes as a gift. It looks delicious, isn't? The truth is that cakes tasted yummy XD

おいしい o(n.n)o

She invited 2 friends because they wanted see the yukata lesson hahaha. Yuhei took this foto while we were eating and cooking. They invite my to taste the dinner of the night: Japanese and self Korean food.

They (Reiko, Peko, Keiko and Yuhei) are studing spanish in Barcelona during this year. 

Bad quality of the pic because the mode of the camera menu wasn't correct at this moment.
Reiko, Peko, Keiko and me 

The soup was dilicious despite we put kimchi to the meal and it was really hot and spicy.


But you can see that they are a very good cookers. The rice look cute here :D


I feel very good dinning with them and speaking a lot :)



Finally... I'm happy because I have passed Noken, the Japanese language proficinecy test!!! 



Moreover I will express my support for Japan and all the east Pacific for the hard moment that they are living now. 


6 de marzo de 2011

うれしい~~ :)

Hello everyone!!

Last weekend I went with my friends to Japan Weekend which is an event where there are a lot of Japanese tematic items. Well, not only japanese. There are korean too.
My favourite stands is this:
先週私は友達とJapan Weekendのイベントへ行きました。日本と韓国の品はたくさんがありました。

Madame Chocolat's stand. It have a shop in Barcelona. I like go to buy cute things.
They are always in events related with japanese stuff and the decoration is amazing!

 All pink and ribbons, shine colours, ring, necklaces, cupcakes...

This day I didn't have a lot of money to spend, but I wanted taste it and the adorable Rilakkuma makes me buy these sweets.  

 Japanese sweets have strange flavour but is fantastic that we can savour.
I think that Lotte is a good brand. I would taste all te products that I saw when I visited the website.

This is what was inside. Strawberry flavour :D

 The gift: one sticker! 

Me, Sarah and Mariona. Rilakkuma kigurumi is very beautiful *O* I like it a lot! 

Making a star with fingers! 星の指を作りました!
My nails are the red ones. Sarah: pink with kawaii rings; Mariona: black french manicure and Ida the blue ones.