26 de noviembre de 2011

Yesterday was Friday

 Yesterday was Friday, and as every Fridays I had no class. I decided to go to Barcelona with my sister to spend all day there :) We went to buy some clothes but finally we didn't found anything special ._.' 

Well, I bought this wallet to my credit card and the train tickets :) 
I love this type of violet colour. 

Then I meet my friends to spend few hours talking... mmm, gossiping defines better what we do when we are together haha 

This is a photo of one one the tables of the cafeteria we use to go to eat some sweets and drink coffe. Is a warm, welcoming, friendly and small cafeteria, so it's hardly surprising  that often there aren't free seats :(

For this reason, yesterday we had to go to another cafeteria... 
My friend took a photograph of me. 
I wore a new shirt. Actually is not new... is new for me, but this shirt is from when my mum was young ^^ Is authentically retro! Luckly it looks new. 

Yesterday I took more photos but I wasn't feeling very inspired :/

21 de noviembre de 2011

Heart Cake ♥

My sister do it for me :D     is     p e r f e c t !

d e l i c i o u s,      l o v e l y, 

The best thig of all is that this cake is like one of those small pleasures that life give. 

I ate the cake last night while I was studying Japan's economic history... 

:/ Today I took the exam. I'm very tired now because later I went shopping haha

Nothing special... 2 trousers, one jacket and one bag ^^ 

T.T sorry I don't have new thing to show and I need to take m ore photos.

I really want take photos, but I don't find nothing to shoot :S

Ah ^^ You can see on the right I have add a new gadget to know in real time from where 

is the people who visit my blog. 

Thank u all :) 

16 de noviembre de 2011



How are you? I'm fine haha ^^ But these days it's very cold >.< and rain a lot! I don't like rainy days, only if I stay at home with my warm blanket hahaha
I don't have new photos T.T only this one:

Mariona took it at university :) I think it was 3 weeks ago... hahahaha
I love the jeans I wear in that picture ^^ and that day I wore pink boots :D 
Sarah and I are always ready to take pictures XD

You can see I changed the design of my blog ^^ 
I love it! I hope you like it too 

Well... nothing special to tell us :S I think I'm creating this entry to prove I'm alive and I don't forget my blog hahaha

3 de noviembre de 2011


This weekend Salon del Manga was celebrated in Barcelona. 
When I woke up I put my lenses but my eyes weren't good... :S 
While I was waiting for JYJ pre-concert in that event I had to take the lenses. My eye wasn't well during the event, that's the reason because I haven't took photos of myself :( But when I met Sarah, we took one photo together, as always ^^ 

JYJ sang 2 or 3 songs. It was good (and free haha). I could see it really good because I was waiting too long haha Not because I'm a big fan, but because I arrived soon to the places and the capacity of the exhibition place was limited.  

 There I bought a lot of things! :) You can see I bought Japanese and Korean sweets ^^ I have tasted some already. I bought cherry incense too! 
I bought some cute stuff... haha I took this photo trying the new camera.... So I have to practise more >.< 

But the first thing I bought was Ranzuki magazine (November) only for 10 € approx. 
At afternoon I was waiting for a sign of Victoria Frances. I waited more than 2 hours. While my sister bought this book for me. At last, we couldn't achieve the sign... We were the number 42 but she was too slow signing because she drew iin each book of each fan.. :/ maybe in another event I will obtain it haha 

Now my eye is perfect haha ^^ thanks to the ointment :)