1 de diciembre de 2012

free time

Sometimes when I have free time I like go to Barcelona and spend the day. 
Today the weather is very nice because the sun shine. It makes me forget the cold >.<

Well, today I can't go to Barcelona and enjoy the Christmas 
atmosphere that began last week, but I hope 
could go soon because I really love it 

I took this picture in the train while went to Barcelona. I like my new heart ring from Pull&Bear but my fingers are too thin and the size is a little bit big... :/
 Sometimes is difficult find a perfect ring for me 

That day, later I went with my parents to shopping. 
Having a rest I ate this chocolate waffle.

Soooooo sweeeeeet!!!! 

PD: photos of my Instragram :) 

Have a nice weekend!

2 comentarios:

  1. Mmm... I have that problem with rings~ I don't think it's cause the small-medium size is always the most popular and there's always just large size left and then its too big for me and I cannot wear it :( anyways, the chocolate waffle looks very yummy!

  2. The waffles look so delicious! Try to put some foam tape on the ring for better fit!