31 de enero de 2011

Happy Birthday to me :)

Yesterday was my birthday :D Many times in the day of my birthday have happened special things ^^ The LM.C's concert, I went skiing with the high school, was carnival... and for my 15's and last year I had a surprise party :) one of my family and the other os my friends for my 18 years.
These are a part of the presents that I received :D
(chinese ink, pink headphones, Hello Kitty USB, Hello Kitty bell from Ida and a HK pocket from Sarah
On saturday I bought the ticket to see Miyavi's concert and it's one of a presents of my mother ^^ 
 This year my friends prepared something special too XD... a game!!!: I had to find these letters arround my city following the clues! It was amazing and I was so happy because I know that they have a lot of work to do and they are now busy.
From my house, passing by the supermarket, the park (inside of one balloon), the car wash, the church, the civic center, my old school, up to the Italian restaurant! The instructions were very funny :D and inside of some envelopes I found a puzzle piece. 
When I mount the puzzle appears a photo of us in London underground and I can read a heartfelt words that they wrote at the back. 

My sister made to me this cake with chocolate and marshmallows coverage. It was delicious, as always ^^ The fondant was pink colour but my sister isn't a  good photographer hahaha
(Feliz Cumple Marina in Spanish = Happy birthday Marina in English)

The next time I'm going to upload the gifts that I have been receiving. 

28 de enero de 2011

Cute day???

The last time I was shopping in Barcelona I spent my money (not all XD) buying cute things. Sometimes I don't know where is the limit to stop buying. I'm not a sick of shopping but I like all these type of things.

 I like the details of the leaf. You can see that the details are important for my :D

Long time ago I saw this stamp kit at the same shop. It has korean phrases but I don't understand it haha
(Madame Chocolat:   http://madamechocolatbcn.blogspot.com/ )

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ 
Later I went to Barbie shop in "L'Illa" a shopping centre because  there are shops which I had not yet seen. I haven't bought anything here, even though there are clothes or accessories not only for kiddies.

 Now I should do my homework... T.T I'm on a vacation until Feb. 14 because I have done all the exams  before and the people of different degrees are doing the exams now. 

25 de enero de 2011

Today Morning...

Hi! I'm in front of my computer eating breakfast :D 
Do you know this cookies??? I like it because not all have the same shape.
Moreover in each box you can find a sticker.


At the same time that I'm eating these cute cookies my friend Laly of Madrid told me that Miyavi finally will come Spain this year to show us his amazing show. It made me very happy  and quickly I looked at the official website (http://www.o-re-sa-ma.com/)
I hope my friend of Madrid can come to Barcelona to see the concert because the last time she couldn't and she is a very biiiig fan. 

Few days ago, when I saw an article about Miyavi on Kera, I remembered the second concert. In my opinion the second was better than the first. I spent the whole day with Sarah and the show was perfect. 
You can see the video about Miyavi's world tour (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIQ9DsQJirY&feature=related). I'm so excited when appears Barcelona *-*...

I have changed my blog's desing. Enjoy it! :D 

21 de enero de 2011


Oh! Whats it??????...
Yes! My Swimmer order :D Even the bag is super cute!
I have bought a lot of things. These are boxes to tidy up my room.

And a lot of lovely notebooks and letters packs.
This notebook is special because the leaves is specially for sticks :)
My socks with bears and rainbows

And the suprise.... japanese chocolate :D I love chocolate and it is delicious! The envelope is perfect.
I like Swimmer but is a shame that it don't sell online for overseas. But thanks to Ozawa Mai it is possible. She is the intermediary who helps me to buy it and after she send it to me. I recomend it 100% because is very good, fast and friendly. She gave the chocolate to me and i'm very grateful.

18 de enero de 2011


Yeah! There are the things that I bought on sales.
This is the first time that I find so many clothes :D the best of all is that some items were lowered twice alredy.

Before: 25 € - 15 €

Before: 20€ - Now: 10 €

Sponge Bob T-Shirt!!!! This is not lowered... haha
But only 13 €

Before: 16 € - Now 13 €
Cute cupcakes and doughnuts

Before: 20 € - Now: 9 €

You know... XD I love leopard print!!! Is like an obsession

13 de enero de 2011


Today I've recived a present of my friend Laly from Madrid. Yesterday we are just talking about how long it will be take to arrive, and with my friends at uiversity too.

I have to change the shoes because I the size is a little bit big. I have small feet... haha
I've laughed a lot with her letter. Laly is so funny!!! Cosmetics are fantastic :D
I love all the gift and I want see the present that she bought to my sister.
In 2 weeks I'm going to have a lot of free time, so I will go to buy some things to her.

And... watch this! This month on Happy Meal the present is Hello Kitty's apple- little house XD
I like the stickers so much!!!

To relax during my study time I took some photos to these roses which my father brought for my mother, my sister and me. Aren't beutiful??? One of the thing that I like more is take photos to flowers XD too typical

Is dinner time right now... Bye bye~~

9 de enero de 2011

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!!!*

As I told you at the last post here there are the photos of the supercute Hello Kitty Cupcakes :D

I bought it at super market and it wasn't worth so much, arround 7 €. I was searching one pack for make cookies but it was sold out. I hope to find it another day because it was fabolous.

But now I'm so happy because these cupcakes are amazing. I recomend it 100%. The colours are amazing and tastes very good...
Is so easy to make, only we should follow the three steps of the box.

During the baking... and finally:

And here my favourite photo :

Enjoy it !!!!

6 de enero de 2011


Hi! At last Im going to show you my Christmas presents ^.^

The first was from Abrar, bacause she had to give it to me and I had to give one to her.

I was so happy this day because I love Hello Kitty and the present was perfect!

Moreover the day 25th I recived more presents but no a spectacular things XD

And these socks :)

I usually recibe more the 6th of January :D This year the presents are:

Hello Kitty toilet bag and a blanket. Is so soft!

A lot of perfumes: 212 Carolina Herrera NYC, drop of colurs (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada) and Lady Rebel by Mango

And the best thing is...
This photo isn't very good because it is made in a mirror

I have recived money too. Yesterday I was in Barcelona with my friends and my sister seeing the perocession of the Three Wise Men :D It was awesome. While we were waiting I bought a magazine. This time I have chosen Popteen. I love the photos that there are inside. To try the camera I have made a lot of photos all the day. But I think that the best are those from Hello Kitty cakes! I will upload at the next entry. These cakes are so cute and good tasty :D

3 de enero de 2011

The first of 2011~~

How are these few days of the new year???

I have noting interesting to tell T.T

I'm still tiredfor the year-end party. It was good but I'm no so used.

OH! If you haven't noticed, I changed my blog address.
I prefer this but when I checked it first it was not available

Well, to finish I show you one photo of my hairstyle on 31st. Here the pink flower doesn't appear but I don't have so more photos. Sorry! T.T