29 de septiembre de 2012

Zaragoza trip - III

This is the last post about my summer trip. 
The last day was nice too. We started the day with a delicious breakfast. 
I ate this chocolate muffin and orange juice. This café has an old style and is very beautiful. 
Is like be in a old mansion. 

Then we visited some places. I loved this flowers in the street ^^ The lived colour combination is perfect!

We went to an Italian restaurant to have a lunch. This is the "risotto nero" I ordered ^^ 

And this is a typical sweet from that region. Is called "Trenza de Almudevar". The main ingredients are: caramelized walnuts, almonds, raisins, some liquor... Is crunchy because the glaze but inside the texture is soft, tender and creamy. The butter aroma and natural ingredients envelope you and... you can't resist bite it!

17 de septiembre de 2012

Zaragoza trip - II


Today was the first day of class. I'm very tired T.T but 
I want share my summer trip photos ^^ 
This is the second part. I think I'm going to upload a entry telling you more things.

The second day we woke up early in the morning and started sightseeing. 
My sister and I took this photo together. I'm not sure,
 but the name of this street is "Alfonso I street". 
Directly from the hotel to the basilica of "el Pilar".
 I can't count how many times we walked trough there... 

That day we visited "El Palacio de la Aljaferia". Aljaferia Palace is very beautiful. 
I loved walk around the Palace and appreciate the Moorish style of the place. 
Beautiful, isn't?

Me having fun riding the pony! This pony is between the basilica and Ebro river. 
Take a picture with the cute pony was essential!

More places: Saint Salvador Cathedral (near basilica)

One photo inside the basilica. I was amazed looking all the details!

Then we eat in a typical restaurant where we savour a very nice local dishes. 
For example: asparagus with cured Iberian jam. 

 After having a break in the hotel we go out again. 
I took this photo in front of the hotel ^^ 

5 de septiembre de 2012

Zaragoza trip - I

Hello everybody! 

Today I'm going to tell some things about the weekend in Zaragoza (a city in Spain). 

Catalonia is near Zaragoza's region, so my family and I decided go by car. 
From my city to Zaragoza we took 3 hours long. 
Even 3 hours isn't ta long time, I needed my Hello Kitty cushion. 
Take care of my neck is important!
Even so, I couldn't sleep because I was nervous >.< Moreover I like see the landscape.

We arrived without problems and we weren't tired, so we we went sightseeing 
after settling down in the hotel. The hotel was perfect because it 
was in the old part of the city (the best part).
All sightseeing places were very close to the hotel and to each other.

La Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar is the most famous place to visit in Zaragoza (was very crowded!). The Virgin, called Pilar (a Spanish name also) is the icon of the city. There are a big festival every 12th October to celebrate her day. 
People offer flowers to the Virgin and the flowers make up her dress (her shawl)

You can see Pilar Virgin in the right side (the white little triangle)

As always, my family and I decided light a candle into the basilica. Just a  superstitious gesture when we visit some church (like this, because is very important)

These candles are electronic candles! A lot of people insert coin to pray to the candle light. The purpose is ask something to the Virgin. Maybe it could come true.

In front of the church there are shops with religious motifs like these rosary. When I saw it I remember my grandma. She likes it and has some really beautiful. Into the shops you can find Virgin figure and a special candies called "adoquines del Pilar", "Pilar's paving stone candy". I don't like it, so I didn't bought. 

Me in the square, in front of  el Pilar, the basilica. 
There are many statues throughout all the city. I
 like it because people can take pictures with them. 

In that photo I'm trying to pose and look like the statue ^-^

After dinner some "tapas", little Spanish typical snack (but in Barcelona are less typical), 
we went for a walk and see the night scape. 

Places look different by day and night, what do you think? 
This is the basilica. First time I saw it I was shocked... I didn't imagine it was so great!
In the photo appear two lions above the columns and there 
is where "el Puente de Piedra" (stone bridge) begins. 

Me on the bridge. That night the temperature was very good :) 

To end the day we go to drink some cocktails. I loved walk trough "the party night area" because is different from Barcelona party. Here people use to go to disco, pubs and music clubs, but in the old part of Zaragoza people enjoy the night into tapa's bar. 
The place we chose was like a yard with colour lights and music. A perfect atmosphere although the service wasn't good enough... :/ they were very slow serving the customers

I chose Sex on the Beach cocktail, one of my favourites 

Then, the first day ended. Time to go to sleep and rest. Second day was more tiring.

 I will tell you more in the next entry ^-^