19 de octubre de 2012

Laberint d'Horta

HI ^^

Few weeks ago I was visiting this labyrinth with my parents and mi sister. 
I have never been there before... but it is in Barcelona! I can believe it but sometimes I think I only know a little bit about my surrounding places. Maybe I have to be a tourist in my own country and visit more places 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures: 

Laberint  d'Horta isn't only a labyrinth, is a big park with many beautiful places, like fountains, ponds... 

And the photo my father took. I like it because the form of the labyrinth. 
We enter together. It was funny! Many people were inside walking and laughing trying to find the correct way 

I like go out with my family ^-^ Now I'm busy  because university work and I don't have time enough to do things like this... 
but I can remember and feel well watching the photos

15 de octubre de 2012

Participating in a giveaway

Let me dream, a blog I follow is bringing a giveaway. The present is a gift card for spend in Asos. If you participate you can win 50€.More information in her blog page (click the image of the blog logo)

Thank you for your interest! ^-^

12 de octubre de 2012

Hello Kitty cookies

My sister and I cooked cute Hello Kitty cookies

The box, a present I received in for my birthday (in January!) contain all the ingredients. 
Is easy but the instrucction aren't good... simple but could be better

Look the pink mix *-* 

Then we used the cutters. Hearts and Hello Kitty faces shape!
Only 10 minutes in the oven, wait a little bit while cookies get cold and... eat!

The cookies are strawberry taste (sure chemical essence) but the main ingredient is butter, so I don't like it too much :(

We decorated some ones using glas  

6 de octubre de 2012

China Next Door

Xiao Ping. Untitled. 2007. Oil on canvas. 

Hello readers ^-^

Today I'm going to talk about the exposition I visited during my trip to Zaragoza. I didn't know it was there that days but when I went to visit "Palacio del Sástago" I could enjoy it. Moreover it was first time in Spain we could see the exposition. 

The exhibition, part of the collection of Esposito brothers, consist in about 40 contemporary art work of prominent Chinese artist. They use advanced digital technology to reflect the Chinese society. So, there are pictures which took a look at Chinese animation (I think is getting more popular around the world), but we can find some traditional cultural elements and simbology (Mao's image could not miss, of course).

It is organized in 5 sections: 

- Tradition versus modernity
- New social myths
- The woman and her social situation
- Stereotype and social taboo
- The new metropolis

And these are the photos I want to show you because are my favourites:

He Sen. Girl. Toy Smoking. 2003. Acrylic on canvas

Ciu Xiuwen. Angel No 1. 2006. Color printing

Cui Xiuwen Angel No 5. 2006. Digital printing

Ciu Xiuwen. One Day in 2004 No 2. 2004. Digital printing. 

Yes, in all the work of art I chose appear women! I hope you like it :)