26 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas 2012

Some photos I took 24th December night during the dinner at my grandmother's house :)

I wore this outfit. I didn't like at all but it's ok...
My new skirt is from H&M and the hair accessory is new too (from Stradivarius)

Me opening a present. What was the present? A tights ^-^
I had more presents "Santa Claus" left at home.
 Next time I will show you the cute things I received 

And this is the dessert my sister did: raspberry sorbet with Greek yoghurt cream and chocolate. 
The whole family was happy, so the dessert  was a success*-*  

3 comentarios:

  1. OMG vaig vure el teu postre a Instagram i va ser un NOMNOM *0* Aww doncs a mi si que m'agrada el teu outfit de Nochebuena, especialment la brusa ^_^ Bon Nadal Marina! <3

  2. Me encanta la falda asimetrica! justo compré una en café..

  3. me encanta tu camiseta!! yo tengo una igual, soy una enamorada del encaje *_*