29 de febrero de 2012



I took this photo the day of my last exam ^^ That day I fell very sad, but 
I asked my friend for hang out together and enjoy the afternoon : )

That day the rain was... horrible! And very very cold :/ but sometimes for me it doesn't matter
haha and I wear the outfit I have in my mind due the weather conditions 

I worn this skirt first time. I bought in Zara and I have the same in red and black colour.  

and here the photo of our afternoon snack we had in a new café.

24 de febrero de 2012


Ochiai is a Japanese patisserie in Barcelona where we can eat delicious cakes
with the essence of Japan

Visit the web here

I went with friends to have breakfast before go shopping ^^ 
I ate this truffle cake .  

Sure I will go again because I think we have to enjoy these delicate cakes if we have the chance and fortunately we have this nice cake shop in Barcelona

19 de febrero de 2012

Presents :)

I began to receive birthday presents few days before the 30th ^^ 
When I was in Barcelona celebrating Sarah's birthday she gave me a gift :) 

  In that photo I'm reading the letter she wrote. The Rilakkuma envelope was adorable! She made this drawing haha It's me!!!! : D 

 And this Hello Kitty T-shirt too ^^ Very cute! ♥ ♥ ♥

My mum and my sister bought this belt for me  I really wanted one just like this because I had one before, but is broken

^^ this cute Kimmidoll notebook. They say is to put my live as exchange student down. 

and they give to me one pack to cook Hello Kitty cookies and a brush to practise chinese calligraphy. 
When I will cook the cookies, sure I will write a entry for the blog and some pics!

And this is the present of my friends :) 

A pack of products based on Himalaya and Indian Roses essence for skin care (the smell is perfect!) and this Hello Kitty lollipop . Moreover: Tokyo Blues novel and a cake :D 

The presents from Mariona are all fabulous *O* Even the wrapping was cute ^^ 

Kit Kat (hahaha) because I like it ^^ 
2 nail polish from Kiko (green: 343 / violet: 330)
Panda hand cream from Etude House
Lip-balm from Etude House
elephant bracelet
Hello Kitty cup 
and she write a postcard for me too!!!!! I enjoyed all the words she write down :)

Carina gave me these 2 nail polish from Sephora ^^ 

left: my first lip kiss
right: speed dating 

Thank u all !!!!!!!!!! 

2 de febrero de 2012

My birthday :D

30th January was my birthday :) 

My sister decorated the house for me and when I arrived from university 
I took photos to remember the day. 

I found this banner in the living room to wish me a "Happy Birthday" in Japanese. 
My friends help her because she doesn't know Japanese (hahaha)

My sister made this cake too ^^ Ok, you don't need to count the candles. I had to blow out hard to put the 20 candles out. 
Many people agreed the cakes was just my style (hahaha)
I love chocolate!!!!! and white and pink part tasted sweet like titbit. She is a good cooker.  

I received a lot of presents, but I'm still waiting some more, so I think next time I'm going to show you all the presents. 

Inside the living room we opened one of this kind of tubes with sparkling confetti *-* 

I like all I received and I enjoyed because people make me feel happy during all the day :)