29 de diciembre de 2011


How was Christmas day??? 
Now all are waiting to the end of the year :) 

Well, I celebrated Christmas at grandma's house ^^ with family, as always
and I did nothing special haha

This year at home we decorated the Christmas tree with red and golden things, such this star:

I think this year I'm obsessed with red colour haha Moreover I want a red dress 
to end the year and go party at the disco... but I'm aware of the fact that I won't find one, because only 2 days left and I have a lot of things to do :(

The night of 24th December, when I dinner with my family I wore the outfit I show you 
some post before:

I hope you like it :) 

This year I haven't tasted Christmas sweets yet. When I was child I use to eat a lot haha 
but now I think I'm tired because always are the same things 

One week before Christmas, we celebrated sister's birthday ^^ and I did this chocolate cake 
It was delicious!!! 

In next entry maybe I will show you the presents :D

16 de diciembre de 2011

16th December

Hi!!! Hi!!! Hi!!! 
How are you these days??? 
One one week left to Christmas >.< OMG is very soon! 
Last weekend I went to Barcelona with Sarah because we had to bought some presents for Christmas ^^ 
Actually, I went to Barcelona with my sister too, because I had two days off.

See my new T-Shirt ^^ haha the dog is very cute! But with these nerd glasses it is the cutests dog I have ever seen :D 

What I have bought for me? This emerald nail polish and this YSL eyeliner.  Emerald is one of my favourites colours ^^ 
Moreover one day I went to Claire's and I received this nail file which I haven't tryied yet... 

I don't have many things to tell you... This week I was really busy because the university and now I have backlog
Bye bye~~ 

9 de diciembre de 2011

Shopaholic ( 1 )

This time I'm going to show you the last things I have bought ^^ (as I told you in the last entry)

Blouse: ZARA (25,95 €)
Skirt: ZARA (12,95 €)

This T-shirt isn't new... maybe I bought it one month ago but I forgot upload the photo haha sorry! 
I love the leopard star ^^ I think is very original. 

ZARA (9,95 € approx.)

Hello Kitty!!!! It isn't a pajama... haha You can found more Hello Kitty T-shirts now in Pull&Bear. Moreover are cheap :)  It cost me 12,99€

This is a shirt. Now there are a lot of this type of shirts on shops. Sure you have seen a lot like this:
But I think the openwork shirts are elegant. Sure I will wear it in a Christmas dinner or something like that. 
ZARA (22,95 €)

Because Christmas is soon, these days I went often to Barcelona's downtown. I have bought more things hahaha I have to spend less money >.<
 But on Saturday I will go again... ^^ I enjoy see the Christimams lights in the streets and Barcelona is very crowded, as I like. 

1 de diciembre de 2011

Black hair!

Ok. I'm writing this entry while I'm waiting for Japanese class at university. haha I have to make the most of my time. 

Yesterday I went to hairdressing salon. Since months ago I wanted dye my hair black. So,  I did it. 
I'm happy with the result :) I LOVE IT!
Maybe this colour make I look mature. What do you think about my new look?

Because my uncle is hairdresser, he often give products to me. Yesterday he gave me these: 

(clic to full size)

1- Kérastase (Resistance):  Masque Force Architecte
2- Kérastase (Soleil): Brain après soleil (anti-damage shampoo for colour treated hair)
3- Redken: hairspray. Forceful 23 (super strenght finnishing spray)
4- L'Oreal: Vitamino Color (color protecting gel-masque)
5- L'Oreal: Liss Optime (smoothing masque for unmanageable hair)
6- L'Oreal: Absolut Repair cellular. (cellular repairing masque for very damage hair)
7- L'Oreal: Vitamino Color (color protecting shampoo)

Number 4, 5, 6, 7 are free samples. I will try it ^^
Now you know why my hair looks fine :) Maybe you think: these products aren't cheap, but I prefer quality... for me my hair is very important. One of the things I notice first in one person is the hair.


I continue writing the entry in my home now. Is very late but I want upload it today, because tomorrow I have to go to the dentist... wisdom teeth are a problem for me haha So, I don't know if I will be fine after take out the tooth.

Today when I have finished the classes I decided go shoopping. Sometimes improvised plans are the best!
I like go shopping alone, because I can do it at my own pace ^^ Moreover sometimes you plan go shopping I don't find nothing interesant... but today I have bought cool clothes.

I will show you the next time :)