12 de diciembre de 2012

Visiting Andorra

Are you having a nice week??? I'm very busy because university... 

but last week I had a long weekend and my family and I decided go to Andorra
Long time passed since our last visit to this small but interesting country.

I really wanted visit again and finally we did it. 
That day I was very tired because my father woke me  at 6. I slept only for 3 hours... because  
I was dining with my cousins and playing Wii until 3 am... 
From my home since we arrived there (by car, it takes 3 hours more or less) I slept  

My father took me this photo because I liked the lights tree :) 
The Christmas decoration is beautiful in the center of the country (Andorra la Vella)
There are a lot of nice shops and prices are slightly lower, so I bought some things

I thought go on December wasn't a good idea because is near Pyrenees
In fact, it was very cold towards sun shine... 
When we arrived at 9 am the temperature was -3ºC >.<
That's the reason because my biiiiiig scarf and my new warm coat. 
My sister also wear her coat and the wool  cap. We remembered the last time we visited Andorra together. It was few years ago because  my sister won the draw (weekend including hotel + spa) promoted by the shops of our neighbourhood. She had good luck that time! 

This is the first pic we took. Where? In a mirror near the parking (hahaha) 
I edited the photo with this winter effect. Seems it's snowing ^-^
Actually, few days before snowed

And this is another picture with Christmas decorations in the street. 
The white reindeer made with lights are cute *-*

Then, when we were tired and bought too much, decided go to have a lunch. 
We ate in a special restaurant called  La Taverna d'Excalibur. Why? because during the walk we saw
 it and we were impressed because the interior decoration. 
But I have to say that maybe I expected too much quality and I was disappointed with the food. 
Photos looks nice and tasty but some vegetables was cold, short portions... 

I saw a Chinese restaurant... maybe it could be a better option 
Sure next time I won't eat at this restaurant again although the medieval decorate and service is good.

Have you ever visited Andorra? Did you know something about this country before read my post? 
I'm not sure but I think it isn't very popular...

5 comentarios:

  1. Me encantaría ir , parece que es preciosa *o*.

    Un besazo !!

  2. Estáis preciosas! Me alegro mucho de que lo pasaseis tan bien =)
    Siempre he querido visitar Andorra ^^

  3. Sorry, to ask but where is Andorra? >.< It seems like a very nice place especially with all the christmas deco.

    It was a shame, the food didn't nice, it looks yummy!

  4. Eres tan linda!! me encantan tus fotos y ese árbol aw <3

  5. ur outfit was supercute ^^!nice post!
    following each others? i follow u first! ^^