29 de julio de 2012


In this post I'm going to show you some pictures of my nails ^-^ 

Months ago... (hahaha) but I like the flowers detail with taupe colour 
Elegant, isn't?

Recently I bought glitter and I like use it! The effect is cute and make the nails look different
Maybe only with the nail polish look like... boring nails ¿?

Look! This design has glitter too but is a kind of nail polish. 
And how about the mixed colours? I tried a new method to paint my nails. 
Is like water marble nail. I used water, the nail polish and sticky tape. 
(See a tutorial here)

Red is one of my favourite colours for painting my nails.
 I think is sophisticated. That time I decorated it with two flowers too. 

And the last one. I used Claire's nail art sticker. I like the butterflies design :) and the metallic effect, 
but I have to say that my nails size and the sticker size didn't fit at all, so the result wasn't good enough... 

I hope you like it even I'm not a nail art artist =

24 de julio de 2012


The present my mum gave to my for my saint :) 


In the picture you can't see but it has a "perle-glitter" touch. 

I the I haven't tried it yet >.< 

But I have tried this lipstick ^^ 

Is a limited edition and is just the colour I was looking for. 


The silky touch is amazing in the lips *-* 

In the background of that photo there is a YSL free sample of the new lipstick collection (Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain). A make up professional make me up with it. I have to say that the first contact I had with the special touch was strange but I think is better than common lipgloss which sometimes use to be too much sticky :/ 

20 de julio de 2012


My sister cooked these cookies ^^

The colour ingredient is called "fondant". Now a lot of people are using it to 
cook delicious desserts. 
I think now we are living a  "confectionery boom" because a lot of bakery are opening up 

Baking is all the rage. What do you think?

And this is my paint work (hahaha). My sister used a Hello Kitty mold. The silhouette isn't clear, so I did it thanks to my talent for using paint program :D 

Thanks for your visit ^-^b

15 de julio de 2012

F a s h i o n

Weeks ago  (wait... 4 weeks ago = 1 month o.o amazing!!! Time past fast) I bought some clothes. That day when I took the last exam I took the train to go to the city near my city to enjoy the good weather and relax. 

This short pants are totally perfect (you know I LOVE leopard print) and cheap  (see the picture: 7'95€ ^-^b
To tell you the truth I bought it in H&M kids. The clothes are cheaper  the big
size is for children who are tallest as I am, so I can find some things (not always)

The same happened with this two skirts. When I arrived to my home I compared the size with Zara S size black skirt with the same pattern and are equal!
It cost less than 10 € each one :) Neon colour are in vogue and very fashionable. 

This dress is neon colour too. I bought it in H&M but not the same day. 
It isn't expensive too (sorry I don't remember exactly the price).  I recommend this kind of dresses of H&M. There are a lot of colours!
I want to wear this dress one night at the disco (hahaha) :D

And the last dress, from Bershka. Instantly, when I saw it, I felt in love  
♥ ♥ 

And the last thing n.n these cute belts with heart motif from Pull & Bear

I use to buy too much >.< I have to save money but fashion... is fashion

5 de julio de 2012

BCN days

OMG I have a lot of things to show in my blog 
but recently I don't use computer too much
Every day I attend Chinese summer classes because 
I want improve my Chinese language skills. 
Is hard spend more than one hour on the train every day but I love go Barcelona

For these reason if I have to go to spend the day with friends I go again ^^ 

Last week Sarah, Ida and I went shopping together. 
Ok, I know I have a lot of new clothes and accessories I haven't upload yet but
 I have to prepare the entry. I promise soon I will do it :D 

Then we go to eat to Japanese restaurant, but not the same as always! 
I know some nice restaurants
and this time they wanted I took them to lunch.

I ordered takoyaki but they haven't enough, so I have to order another dish. 
See the gyoza I tasted! ^^ 

I hope we can enjoy more days in Barcelona :) 

Moreover I went with  my parents and my sister too. 
One day because my father's birthday and another because we want walk a little bit seeing different places not always the same in the same city... 
You know, trying to escape of the boring monotony and the repetitive landscapes.

I walked in the beach. I like feel the water through my toe ^^ 
The weather was pretty nice! Well, maybe the skin suffered the powerful sunshine

Another day we went to Ciutadella Park. When I was a child I used to eat there when was on excursion. 
Suddenly I remembered that. 
That day the weather was fantastic too and I took some photos. 
This is I like the most

A little pink rose :)