26 de abril de 2011

Barcelona Comic event :)

Yesterday my vacation finished... I'm very sad T.T I have done a lot of homework but I think is not enough ._.'

Well, I want remember one day of this period of vacation :)

Every year in Barcelona, on April or May, celebrate an event which is dedicated to comic. 
There are more American comic than Japanese manga but is ok. 
This year the central theme was zombies ^^ them chasing me and sometimes I was scared because I was quiet watching the comic stuff and I didn't expect they was near me...  hahaha

I like the sweets that we can buy haha The chocolate fountains are amazing!!!!!!!! 
My sister and I ate one with three strawberry with dark chocolate... DELICIOUS! :D

 I didn't buy anything else... only this cap to help Japan with a contribution of 50 cents.
The text says "Animo Japón" that means something similar to"Cheer up forJapan"

After I met with friends to go to a new commercial centre in Barcelona called Arenes.
I really like it because is very big ^^ and in this area of Barcelona there wasn't 
many places to go shopping and restaurants. 
Now maybe I will go more to this commercial centre. 
That day we go to Udon restaurant to eat. It was the first time I eat at this restaurant thought there are more in the city. 

I ate oyako don: 

Because last month I bought Glamour magazine to go to shopping night I could use
this discount card in some shops during a week :)
At Sephora I bought 3 things: 
- Facial towelettes with cucumber and aloe vera
- Anti-blemish gel. (I haven't use it yet)
-Nail polish (number: L10; name: jealous)

And I bought this bag to summer. It cost around 14€ but with 
the discount cost me 11€ approx. From Blanco

Maybe you know that 23th of April was "Sant Jordi". In Catalonia men give a rose to women and women give a book to men. 
But now women receive books to. It doesn't matter...
I didn't receive any rose... haha but in the garden-yard (XD) of my house I new rose has blossomed. Moreover it is a velvet touch rose. Very beautiful *-*

20 de abril de 2011

Fashion Night

Two weeks ago I was with my friends in a shopping night.
It was organized by Mango and Glamour magazine. 
The shop where was the party is in Passeig de Gràcia but we first go to other at the same street because there are a lot. We had to return to find the correct Mango.
This shop is small (though have 3 floors)  and there was crowded because the people who want assist only need an invitation (which was able on internet) and a star of Glamour magazine. 
I don't use to buy this magazine but  I like it. Is interesting and the style is very good.
Inside the shop that night a Dj play the music and al lcould drink "mojito" for free. MAC makeup artists give a free make up session but it was impossible to try... very busy place for MAC, for drink and for fro stay... :(

My friends and I thought the people would be more smartly dressed or trendier.
Well, this was my outfit. Due the uncertainty I bought some clothes the day before the event.

New-> Blaiser : Zara (50 €)
Dress: H&M (30€? XD I don't remember)

The weather was really good these days and I could wear sandals.

Some details:

When I was searching accessories for the outfit I found the blue string by chance because the people leave everything lying around... I use it like a belt to the dress.
I bought a pack of bracelets too :)
(belt from H&M and bracelets from Stradivarius)

 To complete the nude style, to paint my nails I utilized a new nail enamel: So Laque! ultra shine from Bourjois. 
The name of the colour is rose satin (number 36)~~ 

That night I bought this salmon top. This colour is very popular now! It cost me 22€ and 1 hour waiting my turn on queue to pay. But I received a totebag haha

I hope you like it :)

14 de abril de 2011

From where???

I'm very happy :) Why???
 Because today I start a vacation period. It is short and I will be busy doing essays/papers, but is different from routine...
どして??? 今日はお休みの始めて日ですが私はとても忙しいです

Well, this week I wanted to tell my experience on Mango Shopping Night Out, but I prefer not to delay this post more. Sorry! Otherwise it become obsolete.
マンゴのファッションナイトについて話したいですけど今日その他物について話しましょう。すみません それ以外の場合は、時代遅れになります

"From where???" is the tittle of this post. I'm going to show you some things which are my last acquisition :)
My uncle give my this boxes that he buy in Turkey. I saw similar here but these are speciall because have a really vivid colours. My sister kept te big and I the small one but I prefer it becuse is cuter. Sure are hand made ^^ 

Last week I received this letter of  South Korea. I started to talk with this boy by e-mail but he prefer traditional method. I think it's good because isn't impersonal. I don't know if you understand me but the computer is a machine and the letter is a paper that you can touch, you can see the type of handwriting and the people can send gifts each other. 
I sent he the first letter. I didn't know what give to him and I thinked that some sweets would be a perfect idea. He like it :) yeah! Few days later he ask me and send me these pens o(n.n)o I think are cute, do you??? Moreover these have fruit smell! I used to have pens with smell but now on shops aren't popular here. Even had come to forget! The brand is Miffy.

... and this is a pack of Hello Kitty wet wipes that I found by chance in a shop of my neighbourhood :D 

This is all of this post :)
 I have 2 new ideas to talk about... 


8 de abril de 2011

Spring time :D

How long!!!
I have a lot of things to post :S 
These days I was very busy and I didn't have enought time to edit a new post, but I have spend a lot of my time doing nothing too... XD
The spring started and with these beautiful weather stay studying at home isn't the best plan...

Last week, on Thursday I was dinning in a Japanese-Chinese wok in Barcelona because Yao, one of the chinese girls who study Spanish this year at my university, receive a surprise. She didn't know  we will be at the restaurant to celebrate her birthday! 

Left (up to down): Andrea, Anna, Carina and Ting
Right (up to down): Yao, me and Judy

Some of the food we eat: 

 It isn't my plate because I don't like sushi... :D

We had a good time together these night althought we was sad some moments because the year at university end soon and they will come back to their country.
 I give her one pack of Mango perfume and body milk ^^ and she liked a lot! 


I forgot upload this thing! I have bought it 2 weeks ago when I was celebrating Mariona's birthday in Barcelona too. 
There are a cute part of Sfera where we found a lot of kawaii things (like this).

I liked it because I have never seen something like that before. These adorable rabbits are a  bookmarks from China! The couple are very sweety, isn't? 

Only 2,50 €  


With reference to the tittle of this post:

Some of the flowers of my garden! The purple one is an iris and the second one is a marguerite.
I have more but these two are my favourite due the colors, the clarity and the quality.
I hope you like it because my computer becomed crazy during the retouching of the photos. The Pc was jam, didn't save the photo and I have lost it... T.T

In my next entry I will tell you my experience in a shopping night of Mango :)