6 de diciembre de 2012

have a break

Today I don't have class 
But I woke up early because I have to read some information for an essay :'(

Yesterday I bought a boots in Zara. I have to take photos about all my new things!!!!

Ok. While I don't have the photos I upload this:

I took it few months ago but I like it :) 
Is not edited. No Photoshop. Nothing! My camera behaved well with me that day (haha)

Recently, on afternoon, my sister and I often go to eat something delicious.
We can talk about many things too while enjoy it.

Muffins are really nice! And that day was the first time I drunk this lemonade.
Definitely, I don't like too much :/  

2 comentarios:

  1. Que casualidad vernos ayer jajaja

    A ver si cuelgas fotitos de tus compras! ^^

  2. Que guay la foto (^^)
    Wowowowo! A veure com seran les botes!