21 de junio de 2011

Presents :)

Today I will show the presents I have received recently ^^ 

One time I told you I have a penpal in Korea. This time he sent me some chocolate
because I ask for it :) It was delicious!!! When I ate all I was veery sad ;O;
He gave me some coins of South Korea.

One of the Chinese girls who study this year at university here 
gave me these two things ^^ 
A photo of pandas, because she is from Sichuan 
and this is the place where there are more pandas in China :) very cute~~ 
She gave me this lucky charm

And my friend Laly from Madrid sent me some presents o(n.n)o

An adorable bag, a ring and some stuff of Shinee group.
She is absolutely crazy that's because  I like her 

Well, this days I'm a little bit bored... But I want do a lot of things this summer. As always I think I  wont do all I propose...

I'm reading some books, planing my trip and chatting all the day! XD

15 de junio de 2011

Weekend :D

This weekend was really good ^^ 
I met Sarah in Barcelona, as always haha. But this time we go to make some purikura at morning. This time we made it very very fast! And the result was awesome *O* 

We write our names in Japanese :) 

Later we went with one more friend to the cheap-delicious Japanese restaurant. 
The photo of the desserts :
Sarah as always ate green tea ice cream and I ate chocolate ice cream this time ^^ 

At last, on afternoon, we went to Madame Chocolat because the old shop closed down (because was a little big small) and that day was the opening of the new shop. 
The photo of the window ^^ 

午後一緒にMadame Chocolatへ行きました。古い店は少し小さい、新店ができましたから。

A friend make some cute cupcakes! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! 0(n.n)o
Your maybe can't see the detail but the cupcakes have glitter!


 I chose the pink fast because there were a lot of people and immediately ran out...

I didn't bought nothing in the shop but we went to buy something to the Asiatic market the next to the shop. I bought strawberry Pocky :) haha but is not of Japan, is Chinese ^^ it doesn't matter... is good too!

That's all today *O*

12 de junio de 2011

What's new?

Sorry!!! Since I have ended my first year of college I have been very busy...  I have totally forget my blog!  I don't know why...
对不起! 我以来大学结束我忙得很。我忘记我的博客!

Well, during these days I have bought some new things ^^ 
これらの日間に新い物を買いました ^^
在这些日子里我买了新的东西 ^^

Angelic Pretty cardigan: 12.390 ¥

See the details: the perfect ribbon and the strawberries, 
the sticker present, the hearts and the cute button :)

When it arrives to my house I should pay the duty because the package was retained by customs... T.T 

Dress from ZARA: 19,95 € 
with hearts ♥

Sneakers from South Korea bought in Yesstyle
Very comfortable *O* 
(Stylekelly: 60 € approx)

Skirt from Taiwan bought in Yesstyle too
(Tokyo Fashion brand: 15 € approx)

Jill Stuart Fruit and Rose Hand Cream
bought at Yesstyle too.
(12 € approx)

I prefer upload a photo of me wearing the clothes, but I don't have a mirror or something like that where I can show the clothes with goof quality... Maybe I should looking for my tripod 0(n.n)o

I have seen that a lot of people visit my often this days ^^ 
Thank you very much people of around the world :)
I enjoy see it

What I did yesterday??? You will know it on the next entry ^^ 
It will be soon, in 3 days more or less... I PROMISE!

Remember: feel free to leave a comment ;)