4 de diciembre de 2012


Recently I use Instagram very often ^-^
I like take picture and edit. 
I like programs to decorate pictures too but my phone doesn't work very well... 
so I can't install it. It makes me feel sad! 

This picture is a little bit old. I took it in September but that day I went 
to Barcelona because "La Mercè" festivity. 
I think that day my make up was pretty nice. 

Seeing now the picture I remember the happy days my 
pink pompom made my phone look cute and kawaii. 
But the ribbon broke and I haven't fixed yet. 

Some pictures is upload to my Instagram account : 

Rainbow! Like the name of my blog (haha :D)

And me again in Barcelona.
This time I was waiting in a shop because my sister was trying some clothes:

Tomorrow begin a long weekend ^-^ 
I have some plans but I have university work too. 

What about you?

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