27 de mayo de 2011


The weather is very very hot now here!!!!

2 weeks ago I was with my family in a hotel to relax a little bit before the exams.
Although the place was fine, I couldn't enjoy 100% 
because I had to do some work to the university...

Well, the spa and the jacuzzi were fun XD

I never hadn't visited Caldetes. Is a small village near the beach. From the window of my room  I could see the beach! There aren't building in front of the hotel. 

I decided swim in the sea! You can see the my footprints in the sand :D
 to going inside (right) and returning to the towel (left footprints) hahaha

This is the desert I choose one of the nights. I love it! Stracciatella is my favourite ice-cream flavour *O*

And this is a photo I took myself at the terrace of the hotel :) 

Next time I will upload new clothes that arrive this week and other that I have bought :) 

17 de mayo de 2011

We met again!

Last week my friend Patricia came to Barcelona. One of the days that she was here, we go to shome shops ^^ and later we went to the japanese restaurant to dinner. 
I ate yakinikudon... as always. I really like it!!!!! Is delicious :D
They ate tendon, maki and yakisoba


We took some photos but don't have very good quality due the yellow light of the Barcelon's street at night.

Acting fool :D Me, Patri and Marina

That Wednesday we had a good time together!

We met again on  Saturday but I don't have photos T.T they have to send me it. 

The outfit I wore that day:

Knit: H&M (first it cost 29 € but I bought it on sales for 1€!!!!)
Skirt: Chinese shop haha 13€ 
Thighs: Calzedonia 

8 de mayo de 2011


I'm lazy for posting... Sorry

Last week I went to shopping, but I couldn't buy the thing I wanted... Sometimes sold out is the worst word >.< 
Despite it I bought other clothes :)

A hat for summer. 
H&M (kids) = 7 € approx.

Is from H&M kids because it fits me very well. 
I don't know if I will take out the flower...

This year the striped clothes are on the top ^^ 
I have bought it in Massimo Dutti for 25 €

To finish... a photo of one of the little strawberries that have born in my garden! ^^ 
An amazing red *O* My sister took this photo!

As soon as possible I will show you the photos with my friend who came from Galicia  to Barcelona :D