28 de julio de 2011

Paris~ 巴黎 ~ パリ~! 1

One week passed since I came back from Paris... 

I was thinking how to tell my trip in my blog haha

The most difficult  thing is choose the photos, because there are a lot that I really like :)

Well, my first day was good ^^ I wake up at 4.30 am... Even so I was happy
Then I went to the airport with my two friends. 

The fliying time was short for me. Less than 2 hours ! 

That day we walked a lot through Champs-Élysées.
When we saw the big wheel... we wanted get in and we did it haha
8 €, Not bad!!! 
From the top I could take very good photos :) 

We had a relax time in the beautiful garden with the sunshine and the perfect weather

Of course walking near Sena river we saw Tour Eiffel ^^ 

Sightseeing all the first day but powerful to 6 days more !!! 

I will tell you ^^ 

13 de julio de 2011


Do you want see some of the last clothes I have bought??? 
I found this perfect dress in H&M but the  price is not cut because this dress is
part of the new collection... 
When I go to the shops during sales, always I buy something that is not lower haha

Yesterday in Barcelona I bought this T-shirt. As usual with animal print 
haha I can't avoid do it
Here in the photo the animal is so clear, but when I dressed the T-shirt the animal is camouflaged :)

The best purchase ^^ 
I saw it in Mango months ago but I haven't bought this time... When one day I come back to the shop the T-shirt wasn't available. But one day of the last week I was shopping  with one friend and I felt in love again haha This time I bought it, of course, but the price was better than expected :D
First price: 25€  --> I bought it only for 11€
That day I was happy!!!!

You can see that is a sequinned T-shirt, that's the reason because the light reflect on it and the green colour doesn't look the same. 

That's all :) 
Now I'm finishing to pack all the thing to the trip ^^ 
Tomorrow I will flight to Paris with two friends...
I'm really excited!!!

10 de julio de 2011

I am alive haha

Hi! I'm not a missing person haha 
But during these days the laziness is my best friend 

Well, I want show you the things I bought weeks ago when I was in a Japanese library. 
The money they collect are intended to help Japan ^^ 
A good idea, isn't??? 

Things I bought: magazine (only 2 euros!!!)
a book, origami paper, a doll, one kawaii-rabbit eraser, Hello Kitty stamps,
 a japanese style notebook and 3 cute envelopes. 

This photo is more recent. I took it last week while some friends came to visit my city because our friends of China come back to their country... One of the last times we meet in Spain maybe... 
Fortunately, the came just one day of the the town's holding its annual festival ^^ 
Here we are in a castle tower, in the centre of the city. 

(My sister, Carina, Me, Yao and Judy)

To mark the festival every year the last day at night all the citizens can enjoy the fireworks! :) I go to see it always since I was a child. One of the photos I took: 

Now in Spain is sales period, so I have bought some things *O* I will show you in next entry. It will be soon.... Probably next week, before I go to Paris!