29 de agosto de 2012


Hi !!! 

I'm back ^^ Last weekend I was in Zaragoza and soon I will upload some photos. 
But today I want show you some clothes I bought days ago. 

I love flower print and now when I go shopping I look crazy because
 there are flowers everywhere~~ 
This pants (like leggings) are very cheap! Less than 10€, from Bershka

This cardigan is from Mango and I bought it on sales :) I don't remember the price >.< sorry
I think it cost 26 but on sales it cost 20. 
Anyway, I didn't saw it before and sales was a good chance to buy this cardigan. 

Tank top from Top Shop.  I bought it because the shoulder details and the print. 
I think is original ^^
Now I'm looking for a cross necklace. 

I have more things I haven't told you yet !!! Please, wait until my next entry ;) 

23 de agosto de 2012


One night, some friends and I went for first time to a restaurant in our city. 
That restaurant has a cool atmosphere and  is awesome because the main theme 
of the decoration are the Asian motifs.

The dinner was delicious and the dishes the offer are different, original and exotic. 
That night I chose duck with coconut sauce and cassava. 
The dessert (see the photo ^^ ) I ate: strawberry mouse. 

Me taking a photo with phone for my Instagram. 
I drank Caipiroska black... a little bit strong taste >.<

And all the cocktails we drank.

Colourful drinks :) 

18 de agosto de 2012


Hello! ^^ How are you? 

I'm still enjoying my summer vacation and next week I will visit a city in Spain called Zaragoza. Do you know it??? I think it isn't very famous... hahaha

Well, I hope upload a new entry before the trip :) 
Today I created my entry from some images
 I want to show you and then explain a little bit about them

 Recently I like it too much! hahaha before I didn't like it. I don't know why but... maybe I didn't tasted it well :/ This is the sushi I ate at Maremagum, in Barcelona.
 I spend the whole Sunday with my mother and my sister because my father was travelling. The Japanese restaurant is called BIEN (美宴) and the food we can taste there is a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese food.
 I don't use to like this kind of fusion but this restaurant is quite good (even not my favourite, of course).

 The look of that day :D I love red lips! 
This photo is from my Instagram account. I use Instagram every day >.<
 I love see the pictures people upload. 

And the next photo is one I uploaded on Instragram too. 
Is a good perspective to take a photo and show part of the outfit. Due I decided upload only photos I take with my mobile phone I can't display everything that I would like :/ 

Leopard pants -> H&M
Shoes-> Zara

12 de agosto de 2012


During summer... local festivities! 

Fireworks are common here during these celebrations. 
I tried to take some pictures ^^ I'm not good enough to take high 
quality photos to fireworks
but I'm going to show you some one:

Yellow and pink is a goof combination, isn't? 

It is a dragon with fireworks. 
There are people inside it and dance folk music while people enjoy the show. 
I like it ^^ Is amazing but a little bit dangerous if you are very close. 
In Catalonia dragon like this are very popular and fireworks too. 
People who likes these kind of traditions use to go to the main square 
where "correfocs" is performing.

24th June we celebrate "Sant Joan" and fireworks are the protagonist too. That night people use to go to the beach  with friends because is a magical night
 (the shortest night of the year) and wishes could come true. 
Bonfires are popular and people use to jump over it. 
Celebrations always has typical food. "Coca" is the well-know sweet. There are more than one type but this is my favourite one (with pine nuts, cream and chocolate truffle cream)

We have to wait for one year to return to celebrate and have a good time while contemplate fireworks

5 de agosto de 2012


Few days ago my sister cooked a cake (as always -hahaha-). This time with the same 
pastry did this small cake. We decorated it with pink fondant. Moreover we used
a new tool to write on cakes ^^ 
I decided write my name 

Today I want to show you another picture and explain a little bit about Pudding.
It is a teen's coffee place but also a restaurant. 
My sister and I went the celebrate her saint. It was a surprise for her. She didn't know the place but when we arrived she felt in love with it. 
The atmosphere is very nice and the decoration is absolutely amazing. 
It makes me feel like I'm inside Alice in Wonderland world.
We tasted vegetables and meat quiche (like a cake) and chocolate cake for her and brownie for me. 

-chocolate cake-

I have to say that desserts are quite big (hahaha) like the main menu piece 
of quiche more or less. 
Well, if do you want know about this place, enjoy the website here ^^ 

Me eating brownie. OMG is better call it "the huge piece of brownie"
Ok, it isn't one of the best photos is have >.< I tried curly my hair... 
the result was fifty fifty... could be better.
And my face shows fear just before start the Chinese classes for first time that day...

1 de agosto de 2012

Time to relax

Uggggh >.< today's weather is too hot! 

One of the best things in summer is free time :) 
and soft drinks 

Now I have time to relax. I ended the Chinese summer intensive course and I don't 
have to go all the days to Barcelona. 
If the course would have lasted longer, maybe I wouldn't be able to continue.
The work peace was very fast and hard!  

Well, enjoy the bohemian photos and relax you too! 

This is one of the places I used to go to have a good time because  has a good atmosphere. 
I like the decoration too =D