27 de abril de 2013


My hand :) 

I loved the result of my nails. The colors are cute, like my new skirt with floral print. 
I bought it in Bershka and is only 6€. 

But I took the pic to show you my bracelet. I have a lot of bracelets and I like all of them 
but I think this is my favourite one. 
I bought it last summer when I was in Zaragoza with my family. 
The little bracelet is from Zaragoza too and I like it because is small and my wrist is thin >.<

The pink one is a present by Sarah ^^ I told you few post ago. 
And the white one... actually is a kids necklace from H&M hahaha

The same day I bought the skirt my mum also bought this nail stickers at Claire's for me. 
Since long time ago I wanted these stickers because I like the design :) 
 I will show you the result when I use the stickers. 

We also went to a shop (Bijou Brigitte) because all was discounted... Although is a popular shop apparently is not the case in my city and it will close down. I am not sad because I don't like that brand too much... I don't use to buy there but that time I bought one thing... this hairband for 1€! 

Today I bought a shirt too but I will show you in alater post.

Nice weekend! 

24 de abril de 2013


Today I have cute photos which show you some cupcakes :) 

My sister had the idea of a new flavor: passion fruit. She told to the pastry chef for a competition but my sister didn't win... But the chhef thought the ideas was really nice and this weekend she cooked the cupcakes. The chef also cooked more cupcakes which taste like gum lollipops. 
The two kinds were delicious!!!

This summer my sister cooked this cupcakes and added butter cream. 
The result was good enough because was the first time she did it. 

Now cupcakes are in and there is a lot of new places where we can buy these kind of sweets. 
Sometimes I prefer see the cakes because look like artwork... culinary art maybe hahaha

19 de abril de 2013

La Mona

How are you? Recently I feel really nice and I hope I could feel like this for a long time :)

I have told you my Easter! Well, today I am going to show you the cake my sister and I cooked. 
In Catalonia is typical eat chocolate eggs and a cake called "mona". 
We saw the cakes on bakeries and we thought we could made a better one. Of course, we did it. See it: 

What do you think? My sister made this cute rabbit :) 
And I made the eggs with chocolate. How? I blowed up ballons and covered with melted chcocolate. 
While the chocolate was melted I decorated each one and  later I hanged the eggs from a thread.
Inside the cake we put jam. 

The cake was a surprise for my parents due they was traveling and arrived that day. 
My mum was very happy! hahaha
We enjoyed it with my cousins and my aunt. She was my godmother so the tradition is that she gives to me the cake. But I am not a child so since few years ago my sister is who made the cake. 

11 de abril de 2013


Did you thought I showed you all the presents I received for my birthday?
If you did it, you are wrong!
I didn't forgot upload this post, but I prefered upload other post before. 

These are the present from Sarah! ^-^

The bracelets and the belt are from Forever21
The letter and the bag are the cutest I have never seen! 
Rilakkuma and Little Twin Stars! 

Another day we hang out with Anna, a classmate :)
We are a university work team for some subjects -> yeah! hahaha 

As you see my fringe ¿dissapeared?
That day it was my hairstyle, but later my uncle cut my fringe 
I don't like my fringe now so everyday thats my hairstyle
I hope my fringe will grow soon T.T