31 de enero de 2011

Happy Birthday to me :)

Yesterday was my birthday :D Many times in the day of my birthday have happened special things ^^ The LM.C's concert, I went skiing with the high school, was carnival... and for my 15's and last year I had a surprise party :) one of my family and the other os my friends for my 18 years.
These are a part of the presents that I received :D
(chinese ink, pink headphones, Hello Kitty USB, Hello Kitty bell from Ida and a HK pocket from Sarah
On saturday I bought the ticket to see Miyavi's concert and it's one of a presents of my mother ^^ 
 This year my friends prepared something special too XD... a game!!!: I had to find these letters arround my city following the clues! It was amazing and I was so happy because I know that they have a lot of work to do and they are now busy.
From my house, passing by the supermarket, the park (inside of one balloon), the car wash, the church, the civic center, my old school, up to the Italian restaurant! The instructions were very funny :D and inside of some envelopes I found a puzzle piece. 
When I mount the puzzle appears a photo of us in London underground and I can read a heartfelt words that they wrote at the back. 

My sister made to me this cake with chocolate and marshmallows coverage. It was delicious, as always ^^ The fondant was pink colour but my sister isn't a  good photographer hahaha
(Feliz Cumple Marina in Spanish = Happy birthday Marina in English)

The next time I'm going to upload the gifts that I have been receiving. 

5 comentarios:

  1. Feliz cumpleaños!!! Todo parece realmente genial!

  2. Wala, que guai això dels teus amics! *-* i el pastís *_*
    felicitats again~~
    (i el meu caca regal T_T)

  3. Ehhhh creo que hoy si podré comentar xD

    Me alegra que te haya gustado nuestro juego jajaj aunq el principio no fue del todo perfecto... segurata chivato ...tss
    Pero bueno a ver cuando te damos tu regalo...

  4. quan et va donar el regal l'Ida? el dissabte?? no me'n vaig enterar xDDDDDD!!
    Que guay el joc de les teves amigues! i el pastis (^O^)

  5. Hola Ichigo !!! cuanto tiempo sin saludarte ^^ .
    Perdon por el retraso , pero FELIZ CUMPLE !!!.

    un besazo !