6 de enero de 2011


Hi! At last Im going to show you my Christmas presents ^.^

The first was from Abrar, bacause she had to give it to me and I had to give one to her.

I was so happy this day because I love Hello Kitty and the present was perfect!

Moreover the day 25th I recived more presents but no a spectacular things XD

And these socks :)

I usually recibe more the 6th of January :D This year the presents are:

Hello Kitty toilet bag and a blanket. Is so soft!

A lot of perfumes: 212 Carolina Herrera NYC, drop of colurs (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada) and Lady Rebel by Mango

And the best thing is...
This photo isn't very good because it is made in a mirror

I have recived money too. Yesterday I was in Barcelona with my friends and my sister seeing the perocession of the Three Wise Men :D It was awesome. While we were waiting I bought a magazine. This time I have chosen Popteen. I love the photos that there are inside. To try the camera I have made a lot of photos all the day. But I think that the best are those from Hello Kitty cakes! I will upload at the next entry. These cakes are so cute and good tasty :D

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