21 de enero de 2011


Oh! Whats it??????...
Yes! My Swimmer order :D Even the bag is super cute!
I have bought a lot of things. These are boxes to tidy up my room.

And a lot of lovely notebooks and letters packs.
This notebook is special because the leaves is specially for sticks :)
My socks with bears and rainbows

And the suprise.... japanese chocolate :D I love chocolate and it is delicious! The envelope is perfect.
I like Swimmer but is a shame that it don't sell online for overseas. But thanks to Ozawa Mai it is possible. She is the intermediary who helps me to buy it and after she send it to me. I recomend it 100% because is very good, fast and friendly. She gave the chocolate to me and i'm very grateful.

2 comentarios:

  1. eeeei quina monada! es tot tan mono! awww~ el paquet de xocolata sembla de mentida hahaha