13 de enero de 2011


Today I've recived a present of my friend Laly from Madrid. Yesterday we are just talking about how long it will be take to arrive, and with my friends at uiversity too.

I have to change the shoes because I the size is a little bit big. I have small feet... haha
I've laughed a lot with her letter. Laly is so funny!!! Cosmetics are fantastic :D
I love all the gift and I want see the present that she bought to my sister.
In 2 weeks I'm going to have a lot of free time, so I will go to buy some things to her.

And... watch this! This month on Happy Meal the present is Hello Kitty's apple- little house XD
I like the stickers so much!!!

To relax during my study time I took some photos to these roses which my father brought for my mother, my sister and me. Aren't beutiful??? One of the thing that I like more is take photos to flowers XD too typical

Is dinner time right now... Bye bye~~

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