29 de agosto de 2012


Hi !!! 

I'm back ^^ Last weekend I was in Zaragoza and soon I will upload some photos. 
But today I want show you some clothes I bought days ago. 

I love flower print and now when I go shopping I look crazy because
 there are flowers everywhere~~ 
This pants (like leggings) are very cheap! Less than 10€, from Bershka

This cardigan is from Mango and I bought it on sales :) I don't remember the price >.< sorry
I think it cost 26 but on sales it cost 20. 
Anyway, I didn't saw it before and sales was a good chance to buy this cardigan. 

Tank top from Top Shop.  I bought it because the shoulder details and the print. 
I think is original ^^
Now I'm looking for a cross necklace. 

I have more things I haven't told you yet !!! Please, wait until my next entry ;) 

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