12 de agosto de 2012


During summer... local festivities! 

Fireworks are common here during these celebrations. 
I tried to take some pictures ^^ I'm not good enough to take high 
quality photos to fireworks
but I'm going to show you some one:

Yellow and pink is a goof combination, isn't? 

It is a dragon with fireworks. 
There are people inside it and dance folk music while people enjoy the show. 
I like it ^^ Is amazing but a little bit dangerous if you are very close. 
In Catalonia dragon like this are very popular and fireworks too. 
People who likes these kind of traditions use to go to the main square 
where "correfocs" is performing.

24th June we celebrate "Sant Joan" and fireworks are the protagonist too. That night people use to go to the beach  with friends because is a magical night
 (the shortest night of the year) and wishes could come true. 
Bonfires are popular and people use to jump over it. 
Celebrations always has typical food. "Coca" is the well-know sweet. There are more than one type but this is my favourite one (with pine nuts, cream and chocolate truffle cream)

We have to wait for one year to return to celebrate and have a good time while contemplate fireworks

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  1. nice!

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  2. Que maques les fotos dels focs articificials!! (*O*)