18 de agosto de 2012


Hello! ^^ How are you? 

I'm still enjoying my summer vacation and next week I will visit a city in Spain called Zaragoza. Do you know it??? I think it isn't very famous... hahaha

Well, I hope upload a new entry before the trip :) 
Today I created my entry from some images
 I want to show you and then explain a little bit about them

 Recently I like it too much! hahaha before I didn't like it. I don't know why but... maybe I didn't tasted it well :/ This is the sushi I ate at Maremagum, in Barcelona.
 I spend the whole Sunday with my mother and my sister because my father was travelling. The Japanese restaurant is called BIEN (美宴) and the food we can taste there is a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese food.
 I don't use to like this kind of fusion but this restaurant is quite good (even not my favourite, of course).

 The look of that day :D I love red lips! 
This photo is from my Instagram account. I use Instagram every day >.<
 I love see the pictures people upload. 

And the next photo is one I uploaded on Instragram too. 
Is a good perspective to take a photo and show part of the outfit. Due I decided upload only photos I take with my mobile phone I can't display everything that I would like :/ 

Leopard pants -> H&M
Shoes-> Zara

3 comentarios:

  1. Me gustó mucho tu peinadooo, quisiera intentarlo alguna vez pero por alguna razón, nunca me quedan bien =/

  2. The sushi looks so yum! I never heard of the store before though!

  3. A mi tampoc m'agraden gaire els restaurants que fan fusions d'aquestes xD! Però aquest sushi fa bona cara (^-^)