5 de agosto de 2012


Few days ago my sister cooked a cake (as always -hahaha-). This time with the same 
pastry did this small cake. We decorated it with pink fondant. Moreover we used
a new tool to write on cakes ^^ 
I decided write my name 

Today I want to show you another picture and explain a little bit about Pudding.
It is a teen's coffee place but also a restaurant. 
My sister and I went the celebrate her saint. It was a surprise for her. She didn't know the place but when we arrived she felt in love with it. 
The atmosphere is very nice and the decoration is absolutely amazing. 
It makes me feel like I'm inside Alice in Wonderland world.
We tasted vegetables and meat quiche (like a cake) and chocolate cake for her and brownie for me. 

-chocolate cake-

I have to say that desserts are quite big (hahaha) like the main menu piece 
of quiche more or less. 
Well, if do you want know about this place, enjoy the website here ^^ 

Me eating brownie. OMG is better call it "the huge piece of brownie"
Ok, it isn't one of the best photos is have >.< I tried curly my hair... 
the result was fifty fifty... could be better.
And my face shows fear just before start the Chinese classes for first time that day...

3 comentarios:

  1. Omg em sembla que hi aniré algun dia, té una bona pinta! *_*

  2. It is so cute to write ur name on it! : D Haha even though chinese is hard it is worth it? : D

  3. És molt mono el pastisset en forma de cor (^o^)