5 de julio de 2012

BCN days

OMG I have a lot of things to show in my blog 
but recently I don't use computer too much
Every day I attend Chinese summer classes because 
I want improve my Chinese language skills. 
Is hard spend more than one hour on the train every day but I love go Barcelona

For these reason if I have to go to spend the day with friends I go again ^^ 

Last week Sarah, Ida and I went shopping together. 
Ok, I know I have a lot of new clothes and accessories I haven't upload yet but
 I have to prepare the entry. I promise soon I will do it :D 

Then we go to eat to Japanese restaurant, but not the same as always! 
I know some nice restaurants
and this time they wanted I took them to lunch.

I ordered takoyaki but they haven't enough, so I have to order another dish. 
See the gyoza I tasted! ^^ 

I hope we can enjoy more days in Barcelona :) 

Moreover I went with  my parents and my sister too. 
One day because my father's birthday and another because we want walk a little bit seeing different places not always the same in the same city... 
You know, trying to escape of the boring monotony and the repetitive landscapes.

I walked in the beach. I like feel the water through my toe ^^ 
The weather was pretty nice! Well, maybe the skin suffered the powerful sunshine

Another day we went to Ciutadella Park. When I was a child I used to eat there when was on excursion. 
Suddenly I remembered that. 
That day the weather was fantastic too and I took some photos. 
This is I like the most

A little pink rose :) 

2 comentarios:

  1. Qué delicia! Takoyaki!! tengo tantas ganas de ir a un restaurant japo....

    Pero qué es el gyoza?

  2. Estava molt bo el menjar del Koyuki! Gràcies per fer de guia, Marina! jajaja (^^)
    Espero que t'estiguin anant molt bé les classes de xinès!
    És molt maca la foto de la flor (^v^)