15 de julio de 2012

F a s h i o n

Weeks ago  (wait... 4 weeks ago = 1 month o.o amazing!!! Time past fast) I bought some clothes. That day when I took the last exam I took the train to go to the city near my city to enjoy the good weather and relax. 

This short pants are totally perfect (you know I LOVE leopard print) and cheap  (see the picture: 7'95€ ^-^b
To tell you the truth I bought it in H&M kids. The clothes are cheaper  the big
size is for children who are tallest as I am, so I can find some things (not always)

The same happened with this two skirts. When I arrived to my home I compared the size with Zara S size black skirt with the same pattern and are equal!
It cost less than 10 € each one :) Neon colour are in vogue and very fashionable. 

This dress is neon colour too. I bought it in H&M but not the same day. 
It isn't expensive too (sorry I don't remember exactly the price).  I recommend this kind of dresses of H&M. There are a lot of colours!
I want to wear this dress one night at the disco (hahaha) :D

And the last dress, from Bershka. Instantly, when I saw it, I felt in love  
♥ ♥ 

And the last thing n.n these cute belts with heart motif from Pull & Bear

I use to buy too much >.< I have to save money but fashion... is fashion

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  1. great hauls!! I love the floral dress!! really pretty ^_~

  2. I love everything you bought! That neon dress ahh so cute! I seen something similar in stores but didnt get it...now i wish i did haha!

  3. Que guays les compres! Jo de vegades també he trobat coses a les seccions de nens xD! Alguna faldilla i coses així (^^)