20 de julio de 2012


My sister cooked these cookies ^^

The colour ingredient is called "fondant". Now a lot of people are using it to 
cook delicious desserts. 
I think now we are living a  "confectionery boom" because a lot of bakery are opening up 

Baking is all the rage. What do you think?

And this is my paint work (hahaha). My sister used a Hello Kitty mold. The silhouette isn't clear, so I did it thanks to my talent for using paint program :D 

Thanks for your visit ^-^b

3 comentarios:

  1. All of those cookies look so yummy! And they're very well decorated (*^^*)
    I also baked cookies today but they look really boring (笑)

  2. Se ven deliciosas!, tengo muchas ganas de preparar galletas... lamentablemente, con el calor que hace por aquí, encender el horno con este clima es suicidio.

  3. Que buena pinta!! Siempre he querido que me salgan así de monas las galletas pero al final me salen hechas un desastre... xD