29 de julio de 2012


In this post I'm going to show you some pictures of my nails ^-^ 

Months ago... (hahaha) but I like the flowers detail with taupe colour 
Elegant, isn't?

Recently I bought glitter and I like use it! The effect is cute and make the nails look different
Maybe only with the nail polish look like... boring nails ¿?

Look! This design has glitter too but is a kind of nail polish. 
And how about the mixed colours? I tried a new method to paint my nails. 
Is like water marble nail. I used water, the nail polish and sticky tape. 
(See a tutorial here)

Red is one of my favourite colours for painting my nails.
 I think is sophisticated. That time I decorated it with two flowers too. 

And the last one. I used Claire's nail art sticker. I like the butterflies design :) and the metallic effect, 
but I have to say that my nails size and the sticker size didn't fit at all, so the result wasn't good enough... 

I hope you like it even I'm not a nail art artist =

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