20 de abril de 2011

Fashion Night

Two weeks ago I was with my friends in a shopping night.
It was organized by Mango and Glamour magazine. 
The shop where was the party is in Passeig de Gràcia but we first go to other at the same street because there are a lot. We had to return to find the correct Mango.
This shop is small (though have 3 floors)  and there was crowded because the people who want assist only need an invitation (which was able on internet) and a star of Glamour magazine. 
I don't use to buy this magazine but  I like it. Is interesting and the style is very good.
Inside the shop that night a Dj play the music and al lcould drink "mojito" for free. MAC makeup artists give a free make up session but it was impossible to try... very busy place for MAC, for drink and for fro stay... :(

My friends and I thought the people would be more smartly dressed or trendier.
Well, this was my outfit. Due the uncertainty I bought some clothes the day before the event.

New-> Blaiser : Zara (50 €)
Dress: H&M (30€? XD I don't remember)

The weather was really good these days and I could wear sandals.

Some details:

When I was searching accessories for the outfit I found the blue string by chance because the people leave everything lying around... I use it like a belt to the dress.
I bought a pack of bracelets too :)
(belt from H&M and bracelets from Stradivarius)

 To complete the nude style, to paint my nails I utilized a new nail enamel: So Laque! ultra shine from Bourjois. 
The name of the colour is rose satin (number 36)~~ 

That night I bought this salmon top. This colour is very popular now! It cost me 22€ and 1 hour waiting my turn on queue to pay. But I received a totebag haha

I hope you like it :)

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  1. Woo!! que guay el que et vas comprar! (^O^) Segur que et queda molt bé el jersei