26 de abril de 2011

Barcelona Comic event :)

Yesterday my vacation finished... I'm very sad T.T I have done a lot of homework but I think is not enough ._.'

Well, I want remember one day of this period of vacation :)

Every year in Barcelona, on April or May, celebrate an event which is dedicated to comic. 
There are more American comic than Japanese manga but is ok. 
This year the central theme was zombies ^^ them chasing me and sometimes I was scared because I was quiet watching the comic stuff and I didn't expect they was near me...  hahaha

I like the sweets that we can buy haha The chocolate fountains are amazing!!!!!!!! 
My sister and I ate one with three strawberry with dark chocolate... DELICIOUS! :D

 I didn't buy anything else... only this cap to help Japan with a contribution of 50 cents.
The text says "Animo Japón" that means something similar to"Cheer up forJapan"

After I met with friends to go to a new commercial centre in Barcelona called Arenes.
I really like it because is very big ^^ and in this area of Barcelona there wasn't 
many places to go shopping and restaurants. 
Now maybe I will go more to this commercial centre. 
That day we go to Udon restaurant to eat. It was the first time I eat at this restaurant thought there are more in the city. 

I ate oyako don: 

Because last month I bought Glamour magazine to go to shopping night I could use
this discount card in some shops during a week :)
At Sephora I bought 3 things: 
- Facial towelettes with cucumber and aloe vera
- Anti-blemish gel. (I haven't use it yet)
-Nail polish (number: L10; name: jealous)

And I bought this bag to summer. It cost around 14€ but with 
the discount cost me 11€ approx. From Blanco

Maybe you know that 23th of April was "Sant Jordi". In Catalonia men give a rose to women and women give a book to men. 
But now women receive books to. It doesn't matter...
I didn't receive any rose... haha but in the garden-yard (XD) of my house I new rose has blossomed. Moreover it is a velvet touch rose. Very beautiful *-*

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  1. Jo també vaig menjar maduixes amb xocolata!
    Que bones (*3*) xDD

    Sii, el tempura udon també estava molt bo! jaja (^O^)

    Que maca la rosa☆