8 de abril de 2011

Spring time :D

How long!!!
I have a lot of things to post :S 
These days I was very busy and I didn't have enought time to edit a new post, but I have spend a lot of my time doing nothing too... XD
The spring started and with these beautiful weather stay studying at home isn't the best plan...

Last week, on Thursday I was dinning in a Japanese-Chinese wok in Barcelona because Yao, one of the chinese girls who study Spanish this year at my university, receive a surprise. She didn't know  we will be at the restaurant to celebrate her birthday! 

Left (up to down): Andrea, Anna, Carina and Ting
Right (up to down): Yao, me and Judy

Some of the food we eat: 

 It isn't my plate because I don't like sushi... :D

We had a good time together these night althought we was sad some moments because the year at university end soon and they will come back to their country.
 I give her one pack of Mango perfume and body milk ^^ and she liked a lot! 


I forgot upload this thing! I have bought it 2 weeks ago when I was celebrating Mariona's birthday in Barcelona too. 
There are a cute part of Sfera where we found a lot of kawaii things (like this).

I liked it because I have never seen something like that before. These adorable rabbits are a  bookmarks from China! The couple are very sweety, isn't? 

Only 2,50 €  


With reference to the tittle of this post:

Some of the flowers of my garden! The purple one is an iris and the second one is a marguerite.
I have more but these two are my favourite due the colors, the clarity and the quality.
I hope you like it because my computer becomed crazy during the retouching of the photos. The Pc was jam, didn't save the photo and I have lost it... T.T

In my next entry I will tell you my experience in a shopping night of Mango :)

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  1. 誕生日のパーティーは楽しかったですね?