14 de abril de 2011

From where???

I'm very happy :) Why???
 Because today I start a vacation period. It is short and I will be busy doing essays/papers, but is different from routine...
どして??? 今日はお休みの始めて日ですが私はとても忙しいです

Well, this week I wanted to tell my experience on Mango Shopping Night Out, but I prefer not to delay this post more. Sorry! Otherwise it become obsolete.
マンゴのファッションナイトについて話したいですけど今日その他物について話しましょう。すみません それ以外の場合は、時代遅れになります

"From where???" is the tittle of this post. I'm going to show you some things which are my last acquisition :)
My uncle give my this boxes that he buy in Turkey. I saw similar here but these are speciall because have a really vivid colours. My sister kept te big and I the small one but I prefer it becuse is cuter. Sure are hand made ^^ 

Last week I received this letter of  South Korea. I started to talk with this boy by e-mail but he prefer traditional method. I think it's good because isn't impersonal. I don't know if you understand me but the computer is a machine and the letter is a paper that you can touch, you can see the type of handwriting and the people can send gifts each other. 
I sent he the first letter. I didn't know what give to him and I thinked that some sweets would be a perfect idea. He like it :) yeah! Few days later he ask me and send me these pens o(n.n)o I think are cute, do you??? Moreover these have fruit smell! I used to have pens with smell but now on shops aren't popular here. Even had come to forget! The brand is Miffy.

... and this is a pack of Hello Kitty wet wipes that I found by chance in a shop of my neighbourhood :D 

This is all of this post :)
 I have 2 new ideas to talk about... 


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  1. Waa, quina feinada a fer aquestes capses si estan fetes a ma, no? ><
    Jo també vull escriure'm cartes amb algú, ploro (;_;) xD
    Que guay les toallitas de la Hello Kitty!! (*_*)