10 de febrero de 2011


I'm still receiving gifts of my birthday :) It's not a problem, I'm available 365 days a year to receive 

This Martina Klein bag. I like the key detail ^^ 

With the money that I received I bought these shoes which are very warm!!!


An anonimous comment asked me for the japanese shop of the last post. This shop is called Nunoya (clic here to visit the website). Is a fantastic shop ^^ where you could find a lot of japanese items like kimono, bags, books, dolls... In the website you could see all the information and a map to arrive (It's no so far from Rambla but is a small and hidden street)
Enjoy it!!! :D

Feel free to ask me more things if do you want.

4 comentarios:

  1. muchas gracias por la explicacion!

  2. Ida: Gracies :)

    Anónimo: No hay de que :D

  3. em pensava que ja t'havia comentat xDD!!
    que guay que encara t'arribin regals de l'aniversari jajaja xD